1. maicol07

    Help with external NVR cameras URL

    Hi, I have an Herospeed NVR with several cameras attached through PoE ports. I can see all the cameras via the NVR web interface but I wouold like to setup them in another LAN app via HTTP, RTSP or ONVIF. I've tried some URLs found online but none worked. Do you know what I can use to do this or...
  2. A

    Recommendations for a good Doorbell (POE/IP65)

    Hi All I'm planning to install a lan based doorbell and need your recomendations. what i want a POE/IP65 outdoor one (i live near sea) that can connect to wifi chime over my home wifi LAN the recording facility should be adapted to my NAS drive Dahua VTO2111D-WP seems to be a good investment...
  3. Alf_NL

    Ezviz C3s difficulties with Wifi setup-connection

    Hello, this camera can be connected either PoE or Wifi. There is an app which should manage all easy. With the app the camera is introduced with an QR code - OK Then you can choose for LAN or Wifi connection. I want Wifi and the camera tells you to have 2.4Ghz active on your router and phone and...
  4. B

    2342 cam - can't find on LAN after initial setup on NVR?

    Hi folks I am having trouble finding one of my 2342 cams on my LAN after I initially trialled this on my DS-7608NI-I2-8P NVR. I also have another 3x of the 2342 cams that are working fine on my LAN via PoE switch - these are all viewable on NVR browser and VNS-4500. I have tried SADP but no...
  5. K

    Hacking your network from an IP camera

    What solutions have you found to secure your network from unauthorized access through the LAN connection on an IP camera? I'm considering an IP doorbell camera, but one thing that concerns me is that ability of a technically savvy intruder to access the LAN connection in the back of the camera...