1. B

    Needing Budget Friendly and Effective Outdoor Setup

    Hello All, I'm a newbie here and looking for some advice for a new outdoor cam setup that is budget friendly. Before we get into details, yes I've read the newbie post that outlines the ideal things you want in a system. With that being said, I need some opinions on outdoor cams. We're...
  2. M

    Feedback on Potential Blue Iris Server

    I am not certain this is the best place to post a couple hardware questions, but since I am genuinely new, I figured this the safest place for when I come across as in idiot. From the hardware Blue Iris (BI) wiki and Newbie Starter Guide, I started looking on eBay at better CPUs until I found...
  3. O

    FOR SALE - Brand New, sealed: LUM-510-NVR-8CH

    This unit is BRAND NEW and SEALED from the manufacturer and includes a 1 TB hard drive as well as all other factory provided accessories. This NVR is the newest 8 channel model. I purchased this unit for a client 1 month ago, and that client has decided to go with a 16 channel LUMA NVR instead...
  4. D

    Hi There!

    Hi My name is Dane Seelen, been looking for a place to share and expand on IP Camera knowledge, I am a IT Security Professional and knowing more never hurts right?
  5. PattonD

    Moving from ARLO to ? - North Texas

    Hi everyone, Been running a ARLO system for a couple of years, but want to move from a cloud hosted system to one with my own NVR. My budget is not unlimited, but not trying to just go cheapest. Looking for a PoE system with a minimum of 6 outdoor cameras and going to try and figure out what...
  6. Amic22

    1 New Still Sealed Axis M2026-LE -White

    1 New / Never Used Axis M2026-LE - White. In Box with intact seal. Didn’t end up using all the cameras with my system. Paid $425.00 would like to get $250.00 Selling in US
  7. P

    New sytem on a custom home construction with CAT5e prewire

    I have my house prewired with cat5e for security cameras. Closing is in about a month and now I am getting into the details for the system I am putting in. I am about to purchase from Andy additional cameras/NVR and have some questions. Thank you all in advance for the time in reading and...
  8. D

    dahua system vs individual cameras help please

    Hi All, I’m hoping to set up an ip system in my home, to cover the perimeter only. I don’t understand why optical zoom cameras are so much more costly than a fixed lens camera, since you set the zoom level once, then leave it like that. Correct? Something else I don’t understand, if anyone...
  9. S

    CCTV replacment advice please?

    Hi, Where I work we have in the region of 25 cameras. They are a mixture of indoor and outdoor, DVR and record to NAS and camera with on board SD card. The reason it is like this is because it has grown over time. We are looking at replacing the whole system with a single system with a single...