1. C

    Court decides destroying cameras doesn't give you legal privilege

    What is most surprising to me is that the police actually proposed this argument in court. Thankfully, the court didn't buy it. Also, an argument for having more than one kind of camera setup. Court: Smashing Cameras Doesn’t Give You a “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy” ...although the...
  2. J

    Privacy mask won't go away

    Hi folks, I have a few Hik 2342's running on Blue Iris (with most recent updates). I had started getting a lot of false alerts from a pesky fast-growing tree near the one of the cameras. I "solved it" by blocking out the tree with a privacy mask on the camera itself so that Blue Iris wouldn't...
  3. Lebeter

    Addressing Privacy Concerns of Neighbors

    I was reading another thread and this subject, it got me thinking about a few topics that could be expanded on in one thread. An installer doesn't face the repercussions of the installation of a surveillance system with regards to neighbors unless called back to modify the installation to...