1. A

    Cameras looking at IR emitter - is that ok?

    Folks, I got a setup, where I would like to lift 2 IPC's just a little bit. But if I'll do it, it will also automatically change their FOV in a way that during night they will be seeing each ither IR emitters for about 8 straight hours. I tested it, not much flare or any other artifacts but...
  2. wopi82

    Multiple camera low light test

    Corona virus is spreading all over the world, and so we're all forced to stay home. Here in Poland all shopping centers, schools, kindergarten, playgrounds, etc. are closed. So, together with my wife, we have to find way, to do our regular job, and take care of children. It is time consuming and...
  3. E

    Feed KNX sensor data into VTH1660CH for alarm functionality

    Hi, a while ago I started to use my VTH1660CH / VTO2000A as a alarm system. For this I need to provide the available sensor data of my KNX system to the VTH1660CH and/or VTO2000A. Because - both system shall be galvanic separated (failure in one system shall not damage the other, grounding not...
  4. jd415

    Night Images Compare 8MP Camera With A 1/2.5 Sensor And A 1/1.8 Sensor

    Updated photos from my last post, both are Lorex (Dahua OEM) 8MP LNB9272 1/1.8 Sensor 8MP LNB8005BW 1/2.5 Sensor Keep in mind I have no street lights, it was not a full moon and it was pitch dark outside. All settings are default set to auto for testing purposes.
  5. B

    Networked (non-integrated) motion sensor?

    I'm tired of messing with camera-based motion detection. No setting is perfect, or durable-- when I achieve something that looks like it works, the seasons change and the leaves fall off the trees, or a spider weaves a web over a camera, and everything stops working again. And detecting visual...
  6. J

    Sensor damage? strange purple stain on the image

    I got a pretty bad surprise when night has fallen and I went to check the image on my new Hikvision DS-2DE5425IW-AE There is some strange purple/transparent ghost-like figure, taking over more than half of the image(video below). It is only visible during the night(basically when camera...
  7. wopi82

    Sensors used in Dahua cams

    Hello everyone, I did a diagram showing all the sensors used in Eco Savvy 3.0 and Ultra series from Dahua. The diagram shows sensor size in relation to other sensors as well as camera models, using certain sensor. No PTZ models included and no box cameras – apart from IPC-HF8835F, which is the...
  8. O

    I have a problem with Motion Detection setting not saving correctly

    Hi I'm trying out Blue Iris to see if it can replace my NVR's and it's working pretty well with just one exception. I'm trying to set up 2 profiles, one that records on motion trigger at nighttime (Motion) and one that is constant record (Constant) at daytime. I would like to have a single...
  9. B

    How to change the asien CCD kalibration?

    I think it is a "joke" but the European Hikvison tells me that the China cam CCD sensor has another calibration and so a european people see a difference in the color.
  10. B

    Record start or alarm trigger with an http command?

    Hello @all. Sorry for my bad english first. I use some DS-2CD2332I ad I´m very happy with it. Now I want to integrate the cam in my homeautomation system (eq.3 Homematic). I want to trigger the cams for a record if some Homematic sensors (Door/window sensor, Motionsensor) detect a action...
  11. T

    Using ALARM I/O Connection to trigger based on DSC 151 PIR

    Hi Folks, Starting a new thread as this doesn't seem to have been covered anywhere before. My situation: HIKVISION DS-2CD2532F-IWS (with Alarm I/O pigtail) and a DSC 1832 SECURITY SYSTEM WITH DSC 151 MOTION SENSOR The Goal: have the DSC Motion sensor trigger alarm based recording on...