version 4

  1. J

    Blue Iris version

    I have two licensed BI applications running on a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 PC. I just updated the Windows 7 machine to x64 and then checked the Windows 10 PC. The version check states that the Windows 10 machine is up-to-date at x64. This has been going on ever since I purchased...
  2. C

    V4 upgrade procedure

    Pardon me for making my first post a question, but I don't seem to find the answer anywhere prior to installation. I have been running BI V3 for a couple years; very good product. I have delayed trying V4 until now. But now I have purchased the upgrade to V4. My question is whether to...
  3. GeometricAtom

    No motion recording BI V4

    Currently running the latest Blue Iris version on my setup. However, this version doesn't record motion on one of my camera (IPQ 2232x), but works fine on my Hikvision and Tenvis cameras. Blue Iris does save a picture when motion is detected (under alerts), but doesn't save a Blue Iris...