Adding a New Camera Maxes Out My CPU


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Feb 13, 2018
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Memphis, TN
Kind of baffled here. I have 6 Hikvision DS-2CD2085G1-I cameras with a few other ones on my system running anywhere between 25% and 40% depending on whats going on. I added another DS-2CD2085G1-I with the same (latest that I could find) firmware.

All settings are the same. BVR direct to disk. Record all the time. 15 FPS. I do have intel hardware acceleration turned on (processor is an i9-9900K). All the settings are the same in the camera log-ins. All the settings are the same in BI yet it maxes out the CPU.

Could it be that it's building the database for that camera or logs and will settle down? Maybe there is something I've overlooked. Maybe delete some older clips and make some extra storage first? I might try that. Any ideas?

screenshot 1 (2).jpg


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Feb 15, 2018
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Houston Tx
You have 1.2 million video files. That is crazy.

Please provide a screen shots. full frame (use windows 10 snip & sketch tool)
1) windows task manager process tab sorted by memory (most at the top),
2) windows task manager performance, GPU
3) Blue Iris Setting about tab
4) Blue iris status (lighting bolt graph) clip storage
5) blue Iris status cameras
6) Blue iris settings clips and archiving tab , for the NEW folder, stored folder, alerts folder. (three screen shots)
7) on two of the camera properties the record tab.