Been reading and prepairing for a while.


Mar 20, 2019
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I have been reading and hanging out for a while. Dream building in my head and slowly acquiring parts. I am the type of person that has MANY projects going at once from home landscaping/yard goals, my classic car, mod'ing my daily driver, bbq pit, traveling whatever. I say all that to say especially with IT projects I get really enthusiastic and make lots of progress til I hit a wall. Then back off for a while and come back later after hitting walls in all my other projects. There is nothing I can't do in time!

I have read the Cliffs notes. I think I am pretty close to doing things correctly. Some of my set up will be working with what I have got and not what I would like but there are always compromises.

Currently I have:

Blue Iris
Big Tower, 9 HDD's and 1 SSD
Haswell i5 4570
This is a home media server. Running Emby and other goodies. If your not familiar with Emby think plex. Plenty of storage space. Everything in two way mirror for faster read and writes to two drives at a time. A mix of drives pooled with Windows 10 storage spaces. About 18TB of useable space.
-Should I record everything to a separate drive or to the BIG pool???????????

2 (to start with) Dahua Starlights IPCT-HDW5231RE (currently working as a test on my desk)
Looking at a possible cheapo 4433 or 4431? for the garage.
I also have a La View Doorbell cam. What most of you call the LTS cam. It is running on the Hikvision app.
BV-TECH switch POE-SW802G, 8 gig Poe ports and 2 gig uplinks
ITBEBE crimper
ITBEBE passthrough RJ45s
Cat 6 solid copper core. See below though my issues...
Other small items as well.

So my issues,

1) Is my i5 4570 enough to run all this INCLUDING still performing its Emby duties. I have a second SFF Machine also with an i5 4570 with a small SSD I can fire up just for Blue Iris if I really have to. I could record files back to the big PC for storage but I like the simplicity of one machine.

2) I said I have solid copper core wiring. It was from Amazon.

I removed the insulation and burned it with a lighter for several seconds. It did not melt so I believe it to really be solid copper and not CCA. Also it is advertised and 23 awg but aparently is it 24. My issue is that the strands do break sometimes and when tested with my cable tester I'll get a 7 out of 8 and have to re crimp. So much more finicky that stranded wire. Is that normal???? I am getting better at crimping for sure.

3) My La View LTS door bell will not show a video in Blue Iris. What brand should I call it? How to I configure it? Is it because I am using Hik firmware? Any help appreciated.

I know that is a lot to read guys but as usual in these projects I have know one but the internet to help me. I am really excited about it though.


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Sep 25, 2016
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Evansville, In. USA
1-For reliability, you want BI on a dedicated machine. This has been discussed 100's of times here.
Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk

2-If you have alot of trouble with the wire "breaking", that's not normal. You have to be very careful buying un-heard of cable from Ebay or Amazon. Stick with someone like

3-In BI, enter it's IP address, user name and password, then use find/inspect button.