BI fail to reconnect feed


Jul 9, 2019
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I am getting a problem of camera feed reconnect.
I own 3 Wyze camera running RTSP and the RTSP is not 100% stable and disconnect some time in the day (I will replace those cam soon).
I have a watchdog on those cam ; when I loose the connection for 2 minutes, I recycle the cam (the cam are connected to a smart switch).
That do the job, cam come back and the RTSP feed come back.

My problem is that BI, some time, stuck on "Cam NO SIGNAL". Even if I manually do "Restart Camera" in BI.
When I get this problem, I always confirm that the RTSP feed is working by opening it in VLC.
Weird behavior, it looks like that I have to let the feed running in VLC for +- 10 seconds, then, if I restart the camera in BI, boom it connects to the feed.

Any clue ?


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Feb 15, 2018
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Houston Tx
I have posted this before.

I did a wifi test a while back with multiple 2MP cameras each camera was set to VBR, 15 FPS, 15 Iframe, 3072kbs, h.264. Using a wifi analyzer I selected the least busy channel (1,6,11) on the 2.4 GHZ band and set up a separate SSID and access point. With 3 cameras in direct line of sight of the AP about 25 feet away I was able to maintain a reasonable stable network with only intermittent signal drops from the cameras. Added a 4th camera and the network became totally unstable. Also add a lot of motion to the 3 cameras caused some more network instability. More data more instability.

The cameras are nearly continuously transmitting. So any lost packet causes a retry, which cause more traffic, which causes more lost packets.

Wifi does not have a flow control, or a token to transmit. So your devices transmit any time they want, more devices more collisions.
As a side note, it is very easy to jam a wifi network. Wifi is fine for watching the bird feed but not for home surveillance and security.

Test do not guess.

For a 802.11G 2.4 GHZ wifi network the Theoretical Speed is 54Mbps (6.7MBs) real word speed is nearer to 10-29Mbps (1.25-3.6 MBs) for a single channel

Think of the problem as you are in a room with a number of different people talking to you about different subjects all at the same time, If you do not answer then they repeat what they said.

You neighborhood and house activity can effect your wifi, the neighbor or you turn on the microwave, Turn on the TV using a wireless connection.