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BI5 UI refresh loop when accessing through RDP


Hello forum

I am experiencing constant UI refresh loops when accessing my server running BI5 through RDP. Tested by accessing through Teamviewer and Screenconnet with no issues.

I am in doubt whether this is a problem with BI5 or the Windows 7 Pro. server it is running on, but I haven't seen it in any other software on the server.

Happens as soon as I maximize BI from minimized state. It locks itself up, and tries over and over again to redraw the UI-elements, sometimes it finishes doing so after 5-10 tries, other times this goes on forever ending in "Not responding" and 100% CPU load, only way to make it stop is to kill the process.

The server is fully updated in regards to Windows updates. Also tried rebooting it...

Has anyone experienced something like this ?
I see that another person has experienced just the same in BI4, his video/gif shows my problem
Blue Iris refreshing issue when restoring from minimized state in Remote Desktop

Hope someone has come across a solution!



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Blue Iris Settings > Cameras > Video during Remote Desktop. Try changing this option.

Remote Desktop also has various quality settings you might want to adjust.


Already had that set to 5 secs, changed it to 20 secs which may have helped a tiny bit - hard to tell...
I have played around with the RDP quality settings to no avail. I have a 20Mbit connection to the server, so shouldn't be a problem. Tried altering the settings anyway.



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I dunno then. I don't use remote desktop to manage BI servers usually so I haven't seen this problem in person. I use Teamviewer.


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In the past, you needed to change "Video during Remote Desktop" to "Unrestricted" in order to view live video frame rates during a RDP session. If you already tried this and it didn't resolved your problem, then you will need to pause the Live Video once you connect with a RDP session.

I found this information about remote desktop in the Blue Iris 5 PDF (Pg 58 -59)

If you connect to the Blue Iris PC using a remote desktop solution, it may be desirable to
limit live video drawing during that session. It takes considerable remote desktop resources
to continuously draw the live camera display, making it difficult to navigate the UI. It has
been found that Windows is unable to properly identify this condition in most cases, so you
may need to instead use the pause icon at the top-right of the live video window once you
are connected.
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