Bringing in external https webcamera (NDOT traffic cameras) into Blue Iris. Just a hair away from being happy with it


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May 1, 2019
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Reno, NV
I made SOME progress in this little venture! I want to bring in some live streaming NDOT traffic camera feeds into my Home Assistant Lovelace UI to check traffic conditions before departing the house in the mornings. Being a Home Assistant nOOb, I'm not sure possible because of the NDOT's use of .m3u8 streaming protocol. With the use of Chrome's Dev Tools, I found the URL: Plugged this exact URL into VLC, and whalla... 30 FPS live streaming of this stream. I know there are methods to have Blue Iris stream camera feeds into Home Assistant, so I thought what would happen if I created "My Camera 20" and plug in the URL? It works! Somewhat. In the VLC, I get smooth FPS. But in Blue Iris, I get maybe 5 FPS for a couple seconds...then nothing for 30 seconds. Repeats. Sometimes no FPS for a full minute. Now, I am stumped.
I did some forum searching and I guess there is not much interest in bringing external cameras into Blue Iris as only found 2 or 3 posts since 2016 without resolutions.
But I bet if many folk use UI3 for a traffic cam or 2 included....well.... :)