Clips and archiving question


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Apr 21, 2016
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Kristiansand, Norway
I have a question regarding folder setup, because I'm not sure if I understand this correctly.
I set up the "stored" folder to limit 10GB
Then I click the "move to folder" option to move to "Aux 1".
I'm then assuming this means that when the "stored" folder hits 10GB, it ("stored" folder) starts moving its oldest videos (moved according to age) to the"Aux 1" folder, right?
Or, does the "stored" folder just stay full (no videos are moved), and BI just starts sending new videos directly directly to the "Aux 1" folder instead of the "stored" folder?
If they are moved from "stored" to Aux 1" according to age, then all my flagged videos will one day appear in the "Aux 1" folder, and they will stay there until I manually move or delete them.
Everything else will in time be deleted (if the "delete" button is ticked off) as "Aux 1" reaches its limited size.


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Feb 15, 2018
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Houston Tx
BI will write the video to the assigned folder, when that folder is full it will move the oldest file to the next folder if a folder is assigned. If a folder is full and there is not assigned folder it will delete the file. In BI4 it is recommended that you NOT allocate 100 % for a drive or 100% of the free space on a drive to BI. Allocated about 95% of the available space to BI.

Also 10 GB is not very much space, Depending on your configuration one file can be more than 10 GB.

If you are having problems with your allocation and drive configuration.
Provide screen shots.
1) Status (three vertical bar button) clip storage tab
2) Gear button clips and archiving
a) new folder
b) stored folder
c) alerts folder
d) aux 1 folder
3) the camera button the record tab for 2 different cameras.