Connecting the DVR to the Internet via a second router


Aug 10, 2023
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SUCCESS! I have managed to set the extended router connection and I have managed to connect the cameras to Now I am able to watch them from every point with the internet. So now Router2 (C54) functions as an extender. There are two or three things I did differently in setting Router2 as an extender in comparison to my previous attempts. I don't know which one or a combination of a few ones contributed to the success. I completely abandoned step 5 (previously mentioned above) which was to set a new PPPoE connection. The new thing I did differently this time was that I set the Router2 IP to within the given range to 249. Previously, I set it to So now every time I restart Router2 it takes different dynamic IP. Currently, it is Anyways, another thing that might have played a role was actually pressing the WPS button on Router1 (AX73) (Picture attached). I remember when I bought the C54, the guy in the store specifically stressed on the fact that I must press WPS button on the Main router which I initially did on the previous attempts to connect but later completely forgot about it when rebooting and restarting the devices. So this might have played a role as well.
So happy things work now! The connection seems reliable. I am currently watching the cameras from a remoted location - just as I wanted.
Many thanks for your tremendous help. If I have to recommend this forum to other or to vote for it, let me know.