WTS Dahua Starlights for sale


Jul 12, 2018
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Wisconsin, USA
First, it sucks that I'm selling these Dahua Starlight cams - they have been absolutely amazing! And just as the hundreds of posts on this forum indicate, they are the best bang for the buck for a general purpose camera. However, I work for a different manufacturer where having Dahua on my home might not be in my best interest.
These cams have had about 1.5 years of use.

Included are:
(2) IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight 2MP
(1) IPC-HDW4433C 2.8mm
(1) DH-PTZ11204-GN-P PTZ Cam

The top 2 Starlights are what this ad is about. The other two cams are fine, but not worth a whole lot. All have English firmware, all work fine with Dahua SmartPSS. The PTZ is cheap and drifts from the presets you might establish. I bought it to play around with but basically used it as a fixed cam or manually directed the movements rather than relying on presets. The Starlights and the PTZ were mounted outdoors, the 4433 was in my garage. All have been cleaned up, factory defaulted, packed in the original boxes, and are ready to ship. I'm missing one weatherproof cap for the RJ45 plug, so your parts bin or some weatherproofing may be needed for your application. I know I had all 4, so if I find the fourth cover I'll be sure to include it. Open to reasonable offers.