Editing with Davinci Resolve : Audio missing at ends of clips


Feb 12, 2016
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I export entire direct to disk clips from Blue Iris v5.3.1.5 without re encoding. Trying to edit them with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve v17.3.1 and find audio at end of some clips is truncated. The amount of truncation varies. On one 10 minute clip a minute of audio is missing, on another just 30 seconds is missing. It is not a sync issue, the audio remains in correct sync with video until waveform just disappears.

All the audio is actually there. If I play the clips with Quicktime all 10 minutes of audio and video play correctly. . Other playback software (Windows Media Player and VLC) will play the entire clips with all the audio, but the timelines/progress bars stop counting time at the same points where Davinci losses the audio. It seems like there is some erroneous end of audio flag or bad meta data of audio clip length that is getting honored by some software but not other software?? I have no clue about the file structure, just guessing.

Can someone with Davinci Resolve Studio verify this behavior? It isn't every clip of every camera. Is mostly the camera with the microphone. Other Blue Iris cameras that get their audio share from the one camera with a mic sometimes display complete audio in Resolve.