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Enable alerts using DIO (solved)

Hello to all ! Using an ESP8266 i made a presence detector that send 1 over serial port if one of the family cellular is detect and send 0 otherwise.
It's possible to use this logic to enable camera alerts only if blue iris detect 0 on the serial port ?
Thank you !
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So BI's built-in ability to use geo-fencing of cellular phones to arm/disarm BI or bring up specific profiles based on which user's phones are in or out of the geo-fence area will not meet your needs?
Dear TonyR, I know about BI geofencing feature but we are 4 so we need to buy the same copy of blue iris app (40 Euros in total). Instead with a bunch of euros I have the same functionality with no extra costs in case of scaling.
However I found the solution to my problem. I made two profiles, one called at work with alerts enabled and one called at home with alerts disabled. In the Blue Iris Settings->Digital IO and Iot I used the control parameters On set and On reset setting the necessary rules to switch between the two.