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Fine-Tuning help - Daytime Plate Blur


BIT Beta Team
I did add IR, this one:
Figure 1/2 of manufacturer rated distance for "usable" distance.

See this post on night captures
Hikvision LPR DeepInView DS-2CD7A26G0-IZ(H)S

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Is that illuminator at the camera or closer to the cars?

I will say, thanks to all the suggestions everyone has provided I am getting good plate reads so far. I'm going back in the video from the week I was away and the misses that I have had are likely due to the angle of my camera. I still need to push it out some more.


BIT Beta Team
For perspective here is what I am working with. I can get pretty far down the street to help the angle issue. That stump will hopefully come out this summer and if that tree hadn't been infected it would have been a great mounting spot! The big tree in the distance is my neighbor's so that is not an option for mounting. The small varifocal in the foreground was an experiment pre Z12 arriving, and its actually catching some plates here and there (it surprises me the ones it does grab in the distance sometimes). Eventually I will add another Z12 for the other direction on the street and move the small varifocal to look back at the house/driveway. My yard is full of decorations for Halloween/Christmas seasons so it'll be nice to have a better view of them... that's an entirely different expensive hobby in and of itself :D

IMG_0541.JPG IMG_0545.JPG IMG_0543.JPG


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Glad to hear it’s working for you. I’d play with the angle and pick a spot about 60-80ft away and see how things work with the better angle.

Yes my added Illuminator is right above the camera at 120ft