1. R

    Latest 5 camera/2 pole Traffic LPR Installs

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my latest 5 camera / 2 pole LPR install that has been online a few weeks. It covers a busy intersection known as 5 corners in our area, intersection of three major roads. Overall, we achieved about 50% more lane coverage than planned. I'll explain each below...
  2. nameisnour

    ISAPI documentation

    Hi all, I am a developer trying to get acquainted with IP cameras especially ANPR/LPR (license plate recognition) cameras, my goal is to retrieve the data about the plates via some APi and integrate them in my own app. While browsing, I came across ISAPI that sort of does the job but I...
  3. wopi82

    Review of Dahua NVR5208-8P-4KS2E + Dahua HFW7842H-Z cooperation

    I hate to hear my recorded voice. And my spoken language really sucks. Just turn down the volume if you can't stand it ;)
  4. ahlan

    IPC-T5442T-ZE as an LPR help

    Hi all, new member here. Kinda a long post, sorry. --INTRO-- I have been lurking for a few years and finally decided to sign up and join discussions. Right off the bat, I want to thank all of you for the amazing knowledge and info you have shared on this forum. Especially bigredfish, looney2ns...
  5. C

    License plate detection, crop, and save

    Hello, This could be useful to any tinkers with cars passing by their camera (either with or without a full LPR solution already - such as openalpr / license plate reader.) I did this because my setup was challenging to catch every plate that went by in a single image (yes, it probably could...
  6. M

    'non' - LPR Camera Recommendation Please !

    Hi All, I am using a Synology NAS as my NVR so am quite open to various brands of cameras. I currently have an existing Hikvision (DS-2CD2032-I) under my porch which is working fine apart from the fact that I can't capture license plates during the day or night. (see image). I only have a...
  7. C

    On-premise OCR Solutions for LPR?

    Hi All, Has anyone tried a home-made solution to read plates? For instance, plate recognition (and image crop) by YOLOv3, then OCR by pytesseract? It seems there are plenty of examples out there, but the open source ones I've been looking at seem to be pretty bad at the character recognition...
  8. C

    Cheap ($90USD) 300 feet varifocal mod LPR test

    I detailed my long range varifocal mod in the Dahua sub Simple Dahua bullet cam 50mm vari-focal mod as my original purpose wasn't so much for license plates as people but as I've been refining my settings, I found using plates was the best to get shutter and lighting settings right for better...
  9. C

    Simple Dahua bullet cam 50mm vari-focal mod longe range zoom

    I'm new to the forum but just want to detail my mod to mount a cheap vari-focal lens in a Dahua HFW4433M-I2 bullet cam (Both sourced from Aliexpress) using simple parts with no cutting or manipulation of the enclosure or circuitry. Credit to Nyar for his 25mm 4MP License plate thread which gave...

    IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M 'Boobie' Cam for License Plate reading?

    Anybody have thoughts on using the dahua dual-camera (boobie) cam for LPR purposes? I'm trying to capture plates coming up and down the alley behind my house (see attached image) and ideally wouldn't have to mount TWO cameras there. I know it's available with a 3.6mm lens instead of the default...
  11. P

    Get plates from Hikvision LPR camera (returning only the last 20 plates) How to retrieve more?

    I want to retrieving plates from LPR Hikvision camera but xml file returns only last 20 plates. Someone can help me to define correctly xml parameters to retrieve more registries? POST URL: .../ISAPI/Traffic/channels/1/vehicleDetect/plates POST XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>...
  12. prince1566

    Need help buying LPR

    Can someone guide me in buying the best dahua camera on the market which would cost around 500-700 usd, i am so confused with so many cameras they have. I need it for a small hotel with a single entrance and exit. Also i have a lorex LNR616 with 16 4k cameras so i would prefer something that is...
  13. d.lux

    OpenALPR free license?

    Sorry for the post, but how does one register for a "free" OpenALPR license? I can't seem to get this figured out? Finally got around to installing my HFW5231E-Z12E and the "trial" of OpenALPR expired... Is there such thing as a free license? Thanks for any input -lux
  14. GhettoBurger

    OpenALPR agent keeps crashing.

    Hey all. I've installed both OpenAlpr on both Windows and Ubuntu and on both operating systems the software regularly crashes after some time. I've only tested it with a single video file that ays on loop. The GPU I currently have is a 1080ti along with a i9-7900X CPU and 16 gb of ram. Has...
  15. jd415

    Raytheon License Plate Reader Camera

    I was watching the show Inside Edition and noticed this, I didn't know Raytheon was also making LPR cameras too, pretty cool. Below are also some more pictures I found online, those are some big IR illuminators!
  16. ermac

    Night vision settings for Dahua PTZ

    Hi, I would like some recommendations for adjusting my PTZ's night vision. I have a SD49225T-HN. Currently all running on default settings. Daytime images are fine, it's the night vision that I want to sort out. My main issues is that reflective number plates are over exposed by the IR light...
  17. T

    OpenAlpr Watchmen help

    Hi Cam Pros We are looking for a system to record all the car license plates that go through our carwash bay and record it to an access database or even a excel file, or even a system that allows us to count daily cars and search license plates. Please kindly advise if this system, Watchman...
  18. Matt Nick

    License Plate Reader - Axis Camera - Need Settings Help

    Hello my fellow camera experts. I have an issue with a License Plate Reader in one of the parking garages I manage. The characters on the vehicle license plates seem "washed out" looking. Possibly a contrast issue. Attached is an example picture of a captured plate with the characters appearing...
  19. Laserray

    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    I have been lurking here for a while. Thanks for all the information, it's time for me to share my results. I had a problem with speeding on my road. They were hitting over 50 mph every 2 hours, and over 40mph every 20 minutes. It's posted at 25mph. We went through various stages with limited...
  20. P

    Waterproof housing (similar to Dahua zoom) for DIY LPR?

    I'm looking for a housing for my DIY 50mm Sony IMX291 LPR. I couldn't find anything with close specs, and I frankly got tired of fighting it, so for 20$ from Ali and another 25$ for a fast optic, I now have a lense capable of reading license plates to the edge of my circle (and a bit beyond)...
  21. Tayschrenn

    Zoom vs resolution

    There is a roughly 40ft lawn between where my driveway camera(s) are going to be, and the drive. Another 20ft give or take where I'd like facial features and license plate reading. My intention was originally based on the camera Google earth website referenced here, which showed only the 4k...
  22. H

    Two IPC-HDW2231R-ZS for LPR?

    Hi Everyone, Will these cameras work for me for LPR? I have an area between the sidewalk and the road where I would like to add two of these cameras in stealth mode inside two large PVC pipes with holes cut out for catching license plates from either direction going down the road. The speed...
  23. th182

    Fine-Tuning help - Daytime Plate Blur

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my LPR set up for daytime captures. I have a IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E set up on a pole 10ft from the road. Thanks to all the threads on here I am getting decent night images most of the time. Thankfully I don't need max zoom so the focus bug has not been an...
  24. M

    10 cameras, 7 repeaters, mesh wifi? what would you buy?

    I'd like to get your opinion on good setup for 10 security cameras. I've included a map here: Repeater locations In a perfect world the cameras would connect to a cloud recorder. If the web was slow, they would store the footage locally, and upload when possible, but still be synchronized...
  25. coney27

    Issues with VCA options on new DeepInView Bullet

    So I recently purchased a new DeepInView DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS8 firmware 5.5.62 build 181106 intending to use it as a dedicated LPR. After plugging and playing it into my NVR DS-7608NI-I2/8P firmware 4.1.1 build 171107 I've been bench testing it for the last several days. The issue that I have ran...
  26. R

    LPR Infrared Help

    Hey IPCamTalk, I recently got a steal on a decent LPC camera, the LPR700 (got it used for $40)! Anyway, I've been playing around with it lately and have been having some issues. The camera is mounted at plate height approximately 20 degrees away from my residential street, ~30 feet away from...
  27. K

    Exposure mode/ shutter speed

    Hi, I have generic Chinese camera, 1080p PTZ 18x zoom. I wanted to set it as LPR camera but changing exposure mode does not change anything! I was able to turn down AE so that I can read LP quite OK (with tape over IR sensor to force IR mode) but I have no idea how to actually turn down...
  28. I

    Camera that can see license plates in the night

    Hello, So I'm a complete noob to CCTV. I recently bought a Swann 8 Channel Security System: 5MP Super HD NVR-8580 channel system and upon testing it in the dark, I noticed that a pointing it to a car about 15m away would result in a white area over the license plate. Quickly looking into this...
  29. Marble68

    Project for my town - I don't know where to start

    So, my town has asked me to try and build them something that will be mounted next to the road. Big flashing sign "Local PD welcomes you" - they want it to scream surveillance. The cars will pass by at 50mph or so. The goal isn't to read the plates (but I'd like to be able to) - but to get a...
  30. Marble68

    Capture stills with Raspberry pi?

    I am just getting into LPR projects - and I have a 2MP LPR camera hot off the boat from China. ha 2.0mp Traffic Camera Hd Lpr Camera Car License Plate Recognize Lpr Dash Camera - Buy 2.0mp Traffic Camera,Hd Lpr Dash Camera,Car License Recognize Camera Product on Alibaba.com It provides an RTSP...