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Jul 31, 2019
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Dallas, TX
I've read the resource guide .pdf's and the Cliff Notes. (doesn't mean I understand them) And will read them again.
SouthernYankee's "standard message" is also enlightening as it reflects some real world experiences.
Having viewed at least 250 videos trying to figure out what I really need, I came across this forum which prompted a few hundred more questions.
I'll try not to ask too many questions in a single post and hopefully spread them out in their proper areas.
Usually I will do some research first to find the answers but find that also produces more questions. :)
Retired, fairly well educated, know computers but not networking, own the home and as interesting as all of this is, I didn't really want to set up surveillance as a hobby (although I tend to really "get into" any new project).

Currently I have a single B&W very old camera with no recording and probably running 640 x 480 into my TV and I have to say that it serves my purposes pretty well but it's time to start recording things and get notifications for when I am not home.
I was pretty much sold on a Lorex system and pursued their 4K items but the more I researched, it seems that a 2mp system with Starlight is probably all that I need. Although I would like to also eventually add LPR and a lot of other items I see in this forum that intrigue me enough to go ahead and slowly build a computer/blue iris system.

Based on that info, I'll start with a basic question (or two). Six cameras will cover my needs. Two in front, 1 at each back corner of the house showing the sides between the neighbors and two in the back facing each other if I use 2.8mm to get over 90 degree angles. This will let me then me have 2 more inputs for future LPR or PTZ whatever that I can put in a tree that is near the street.
I have concerns over interior cameras (not paranoid but have privacy concerns - thus I don't do Alexa or Siri ) but should I go ahead and spring for a 16 port system up front or just run with an 8 port and add another 8 ports in the future should I get comfortable with these systems. Does Blue Iris handle this well?

Thanks for your indulgence and hopefully I won't be a PITA with all of the simple questions that are sure to come forth soon.
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