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Greetings from Tennessee, USA


Oct 9, 2019
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tennessee, usa
Happy to join, hoping to learn.

I have some experience with security cameras that I set up for local viewing at home, mostly to watch the driveway and monitor 5 horses in their stalls. I used a package chinese DVR system, 8 channel analog cameras, and monitored the system via IE browser that required an Activex control to work; very clunky and unfriendly.

I've tried several IP/wifi cams over the last few years with mostly poor results, based on iPhone apps and the same kind of IE-based browser overviews.

I've been in the communications and networking business for lots of years, and I'm comfortable with more advanced discussions of port forwarding, VPN, security systems, etc.

I'm leaning toward a Blue Iris system with affordable IP cameras ($200-300 = heart attack), mostly for driveway/parking lot monitoring.

I have lots of questions, and I have already seen some great user guides, but for now just hoping to 'watch and learn' about solid techniques and hardware that will give good results. Thanks to everyone who contributes here!