Hello from Pakistan!


Nov 2, 2016
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Hey all. Joined a while ago actually, but havnt really explored ipcamtalk as dont get any internet in the caves we live in and too busy smoking all the pot from afganishtan.........

:) Anyways, just have a small hikvision setup (3 cam setup atm, upto 8) for home surveillance. Ipcamtalk and other places have helped in what to buy and setting it up, thanks. Decided to get it after someone stole some flower pots (of all things). Since then caught someone (a kid) who keyed the car. Looking to add another one for the front for a better closeup street view.

Being next to china has its advantages. Buying locally from hikvision official distributors is cheaper than getting it say from aliexpress. However range is limited because here installers will only prefer bullet cams. Getting turrets its next to impossible and there is no love for someone like me who just wants to get a single turret.