Hikvision modular doorbell with multiple indoor units in same house?


Sep 5, 2019
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New York City, NY
I am planning to buy and install a single-button, single-module Hikvision modular doorbell DS-KD8003-IME1 with indoor station DS-KH8350-WTE1 7" touch screen in a one-family, 3-floors house.
I wonder if multiple indoor stations can be installed to work "in parallel", one per floor of the house, so that when somebody rings the doorbell, all 3 units should ring, and the video-conversation can be picked by any of them and open the door.
Is this possible? I read the manuals and while one picture seems to show one door station with 3 indoor stations, it seems to be related to a multiple-tenant apartment building. The installation manual of the door station shows how to set one indoor station door recipient but not more than that. In another part they mention something about "indoor station" and "extensions", but it's not clear what an "extension" is.
Do anybody here have experience with such type of configuration or knows for sure?
Thank you in advance!