hows this LTS setup?

Discussion in 'LTS' started by TeleFragger, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. TeleFragger

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    Mar 8, 2019
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    Williamstown, NJ USA
    Ok so I currently have a system that works.. yes I know, made for chains to sell as we bought from Sams Club... but was an impulse before vacation and it has served its purpose so far.

    what I have..
    my Samsung kit pn sdr-b74301n -
    in it
    DVR (SDR-B74301) - Start Guide.pdf
    Cameras x4 (SDC-9443BC) -

    so I have 4 bnc cables and power ran and looking to go 5mp. I see that 5mp is still good through coax so no need to run new wires for IP cams...

    my plans are to go
    * ltd8508k-st - go with 4tb wd purple - Platinum Professional Level 8 Channel HD-TVI 4.0 DVR - HD-TVI DVRs
    * 6 or 7 - turret camera cmht1352n- 5MP - 2.8mm - Platinum HD-TVI Turret Camera 5MP - 2.8mm

    Now I am a computer guy and have 2 spare e5 xeon machines laying around and could do blue iris and pop a bnc card in but I'm just not sure if that is a better solution that just running a low powered box like the 8508....
    I found this while googling and was an interesting read.
    How we built our DIY Home Security Camera System - VueVille

    since he is using Homeseer and I use it too, thought maybe I could go that route or at least hit him up and I tried but he hasn't replied to my post on his blog, nor on homeseers site.

    eventually I want to go face detection and I have already read the post within LTS stating that it doesn't always work. Guy at work bought 4 nest IP cameras and has used it twice last year alone (shame its gotten to that point)

    so what are your thoughts for the DVR and these cameras?

    currently I have
    * camera pointing to my back deck
    * camera pointing to my pool
    * front camera towards driveway
    * front camera over yard

    I want to add
    * camera to the other side of the house for yard
    * camera down driveway between cars
    * camera on front yard that is not currently being covered where there is a gate

    so I skipped out on upgrading last year due to the fact that the supposed kid getting in our cars OD'd so I wasn't worried... that was a bout 2 months ago but now our neighbor txt us just the other day telling us to check our cars as they caught someone in the cars. I looked at my cameras and guess what. I got him walking down the street, checking cars across the street and then into our yard. My sons TrailBlazer was unlocked and you can watch all the flashlight movements. He didn't take anything but I got to get back to this. I know what I can buy.. I know I can run 5mp cameras on bnc, etc... figured id run a boxed nvr or dvr or whatever they call it.. hah..
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    Mar 9, 2014
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    5mp will likely produce a significantly worse image in low light and at nit.
    There is no "bnc card" that works with TVI would stream direct from the DVR.