IP Cam issues

Oct 8, 2020
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Hello All

I have this IP Camera for a few years now

It does detected in Blue Iris as a Foscam FI86XX/98xx compatible

I had been using MotionEye OS on a Resberry Pi 3, however I found it unreliable and I don't want to have to spend every weekend fixing it .
I just want something that works.

I have a micro PC and have installed Blue Iris onto it. I was able to auto detect and find my IP camera first time..whilst I was setting it up I went back to the camera feed and now it just shows as "No Signal" even though I know it is working as I can connect to it via IP.

What are my options here? the way I see it is
1) try to get MotionEye working again even though the support is terrible for it ( yes I know it is free)
2) Try to find a cloud IP CCTV website who I pay a small fee for to upload photos and videos.
3) sell camera and buy something more reliable.

Any advice most welcome