Keekoon KK004 IP Camera Audio Compatibility?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Philip Gonzales, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Philip Gonzales

    Philip Gonzales Pulling my weight

    Sep 20, 2017
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    Hi All,

    So I bought this Chinese IP Camera as a baby monitor about a week ago since we have a newborn baby in the house. I'm in IT and I have had 0 experience with any type of security camera's. I went to amazon, typed in IP Camera Baby Monitor or something similar, sorted by rating and picked one of the top ones. I figured I can always upgrade later, I just wanted something to mess around with.

    I honestly am quite happy with the product as a baby monitor. I purchased 3 more and mounted them throughout the house. My expectations weren't that high so once again, for my needs I am happy.

    Well I started looking up more information about IP Camera's and found Blue Iris. I have a few R710's in my living room so I installed Blue Iris and away I went. Awesome software, I love that I can customize the triggers and alerts so much.

    Anyway my main issue is that the audio sounds fine when using the KeeKoon app or directly via the webpage of the IP camera, but the audio does not sound very good through Blue Iris. Words are inaudible, the sound breaks and starts every second or so, sounds like a tin can. Any chance anyone would have any idea how to fix this? I understand his may not be possible. I'm still happy even if the audio doesn't come through but it would just be perfect if I could get it to work.

    Here is the product page for the camera.

    KK004 1080P Black | Keekoon - A Smart Wireless Video Monitoring IP Camera Manufacturer

    Here is a page that has some information about the audio and video stream URL's.

    For Developers A | Keekoon - A Smart Wireless Video Monitoring IP Camera Manufacturer

    I tried by using the "Blue Iris Manual" listed in the developers link above and couldn't get the sound to work at all that way. The video would even skip with the recommended settings. I did a find/inspect and it came up as a Foscam Fl89xx/w compatible. This fixed the dropping frames issues or whatever the skipping was and also added audio.

    Below are my settings:

    Frame rate is about 15fps, advertised as 60 but I assume that may be at a lower resolution.

    [​IMG]General by philipgonzales3, on Flickr

    I've even tried changing audio to RTSP and it works but sounds the same as the detected value. Ignore the port 85 part. I did that just to this one camera for port forwarding but left the other ones to just show the IP address and no ":" so looks like they are using port 80

    [​IMG]Network IP by philipgonzales3, on Flickr
    Probably not relevant other than that I enabled for webcast.
    [​IMG]audio by philipgonzales3, on Flickr
    Recording Direct to disk
    [​IMG]recording by philipgonzales3, on Flickr

    CPU usage about 10% and RAM is about 5%.

    This is the URL of the webcam when viewing live video via URL if that matters.

    and it changes to this when I enable audio. (for me to hear the camera not to talk through it)

    So am I SOL until I get compatible IP cameras?

    I plan on buying a Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z to monitor outside my front door, now that I know about Blue Iris and what not.
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  2. Philip Gonzales

    Philip Gonzales Pulling my weight

    Sep 20, 2017
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    Contacted Ken on this and he was able to find a better audio decoder. Man Ken is awesome. Hopefully he will be pushing out an update soon.
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  3. RPro

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    Feb 27, 2018
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    Philip, do you know what audio decoder should be used? I have the next Keekoon model, the KK005, and have problems with the audio - right now, it is using RTSP, but the audio is choppy with lots of clicks. I tried the other audio formats but none result in any sound.
  4. belowbold

    belowbold n3wb

    Sep 10, 2019
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    I have an unlabeled chinese P2P cam that uses that url with an ActiveX control (via internet explorer) to view live video and audio at 1080p with 30fps [with controls for resolution, brightness, contrast, and detail, multi-camera tiling, muting or sound]

    this is another interesting URL match

    as is this possibly related stack post
    Read stream OpenCV

    I myself have been unable to find a suitable path port combination for RTSP (via VLC).

    From it's settings page /setting.asp I changed the port as verizon was not allowing connection with port 80.

    however when I changed the port, subsequently creating port forward, the android apps would not access the camera outside the lan :(

    hdminicampro is the least horrible, non-malware android app (as of version 1.9.2 s)

    The top iframe of settings is
    IPCam 209
    Ver 1.9.8 D

    Which is all the more interesting as I bought it in April 2018.

    system about slightly redacted

    |Device SN|22C0nnnnnn|
    | --- | --- |
    |Hardware Version|2.0|
    |Firmware Version|1.9.8 D|
    |Lan MAC||
    |WiFi MAC|fc:ee:e6:nnnnnn|

    I am not thrilled having had to setup a windows 10 machine for internet explorer 10 to use an ActiveX control. There is another stream URL but it is lower FPS at 1080p without sound


    While /video/liveplg.asp can be video-only viewed with android browser the controls cannot be actuated. Viewed by any desktop browser the video is not available replaced by a prompt to download a windows installation wrapper for ActiveX control.

    the firmware update page flippantly warns not to use wifi - which is the only interface.


    palemoon NPAPI will not pickup the control :(