little direction on remote ipcam and local nvr

Feb 22, 2020
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all equipment mentioned in the scenario below are uniview products,

currently on part 2 of an install of cameras for a client which require the following

part one was two PoE IP cameras at the clients home with a NVR works flawless.

part two is a single camera installed directly on the network (no NVR) off site at there commercial business.

ive managed to connect all cameras within the EZVIEW app via QR code on his account.

what the client is requesting is that the remote IPC at the commercial business be connected to the home NVR for recording and playback as well as be a live feed.

ive done a bit of research regarding public ips and router port mapping, but cant wrap my head around it.

any advice would be greatly appreciated. under quoted this job by a significant amount. but would like to finish the job properly
Jul 27, 2019
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Novi Sad, Serbia
Dear Friend,
1)log in on your IPC.
You will find the EZDDNS option.
Server Address is marked grey( UNV ddns service).
On Domain Name type any name you want and check if it is available.
If it is you are half done and all you need is to write down the Device Address.
Dont forget to press on and save.
2) On NVR go to Setup/Camera.
Pick a empty channel and hit modify.
On Add Mode choose EZDDNS
Fill the details and press save.
You are done.