Moving from bench testing to remote live setup


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Jan 11, 2019
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I have been successfully testing my cameras, switch and BI setup at home and now wish to move it to a remote and live setup. The remote setup will be at a second property and will use a completely different internet provider and a different type of router (remote is Asus fibre vs my home Huawei cable router). For this reason I haven't connected my home router to the bench setup or made an online remote connection at this stage. It's my intention that I will take the bench setup to the remote site, setup the router and open VPN and then attempt a remote connection. I have left the router and OpenVPN setup side of things to later so as not to confuse things (particularly myself).

For the bench test I setup a separate LAN on my Cisco L2 switch and connected the PC via RJ45 to the switch. The PC is on LAN1 and the switch on LAN 2. Eventually I will also place the alarm interface (IP232 - see diagram below) I have at the property on a seaparate LAN and limit its outside access. Everything works well and I have updated all software (PC, Switch, Cameras), changed passwords on the switch and cameras, optimized BI per the guidance on this site. As a standalone setup it works fine but being a remote site I now need remote access.

As I only have one NIC at the moment (another is still in transit) I will connect the switch to PC by using an RJ45 to USB3 adaptor. The router will be connected direct to my PC by RJ45 to the NIC port and I will use OpenVPN and maybe BI Gui3 for remote access. I have a list of all the current ip addresses at the remote site and have made sure there are no overlaps, setting separate static IP's on my PC, switch and cameras. As the router has a dynamic IP (not static I will use DNS to find the host router. I have already set the PC to restart on power failure and separately I will run a UPS.

Some notes on hardware:

HP EliteDesk 800 G4 SFF i5 6500
Windows 10 64bit
Cisco SG200 L2 26 port POE switch
Dauhua Cameras (mix of HDW5231R-ZE and HDW2231R-ZS/ 9 in total)
Asus RT-AC86U (AC2900)

I know some people will suggest I place the switch between the router and the BI PC but I prefer to follow the setup above as this will be a dedicated BI PC and switch and I want to keep it all separate. Anything else using the network will be wifi based and as stated eventually I will introduce dual NIC on the PC.

The remote site is several hours away and hence why I have spent considerable time setting up my cameras and testing BI at home (my reference to bench testing). There is a lot of information on this site and I have read the cliff notes, countless posts on the subject and will follow Randys excellent guide for setting up OpenVPN on Asus routers. However maybe I'm in overload as Im not 100% confident I have everything covered.

Simply put is it now a matter of just setting up the new router, connecting the hardware and installing OpenVPN or am I missing something? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


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