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New Home Build Project


Nov 2, 2017
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Los Angeles, CA
So here's my journey, so far, to Dahua.

About 15 months ago I started building a new home in West Los Angeles. Brand new, 6,000sf house (3 levels) on a 6,500sf lot. Typical urban setting in LA. My computer/network/IT knowledge is ok, but security-wise, I was in the world of Nest cam's. Thankfully I found this site a year ago!

Originally had planned to go with Hikvision (actually, originally, I had planned to go with Arlo's). But now that I've been properly re-educated by ipcamtalk, and read through many of the wiki's, the cliff notes, and dozens of various threads, here is what I've just purchased through Andy.

First, all locations have had Cat6 cable (minimum 2 pulls, in a few selection locations, 3 pulls) run, and I have POE switches already. All exterior camera's are in the 7ft height range. Interior a little higher depending on ceiling height in a particular room.

At the 4 corners of the house, and in a basement lightwell area which theoretically someone can get access from, going with the HDW5231R-ZE.

Adding one HFW5231E-Z5E above the carport to look at the street

Inside the house, my wife refused to allow anything but small camera's, mounted on ceilings, in room corners, so I will have 9 mini-dome's - HDBW4231F-AS in various locations to provide coverage pretty much everywhere except inside bedrooms where we do not want camera's. I realize 9 interior camera's may sound silly, but we have specific reasons for wanting coverage of certain rooms.

I have a 7th gen Optiplex with 16GB RAM, just bought a 10TB WD purple drive and will make that my Blue Iris machine.

I very much would appreciate any additional feedback and comments for anything I might be missing or need to consider. I know doorbell is one, and I'm looking at various options (POE for sure).