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Nov 6, 2019
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Based on great write-ups (been reading the Cliff Notes and linked articles) in this forum have picked up a single Dahua camera from EmpireTech, some network gear from Ubiquiti (have grander plans for improving my home network beyond the addition of IP based surveillance gear), and a few odds and ends (quality CAT-6 network cable and connectors from Monoprice). I am not new to computing...have worked as a software developer for nearly 20 years including remote sensing and other real-time data processing efforts. Am fairly comfortable in Windows and use Linux daily (I am not a sysadmin but frequently wear the hat). I also have experience installing structured network cabling (have been pulling lots of CAT-5e around the house in my spare time prior to needing to set up a camera or two) and know my way around the CLI or web interface of networking gear...mostly layer 2 and layer 3 features (the Ubiquiti gear is my first opportunity to work directly with SDN equipment).

I am working on putting together a minimal proof of concept system to justify incremental further investment (have to show the utility and make it easy to use for my wife). I feel like Blue Iris is the right way to go but need to put together a basic blue iris system (maybe with enough power to eventually handle 24x7 recording on 4x 2MP cameras). I keep reading about Intel i5 or i7 systems with QuickSync. Since BI runs on Windows it would be great to pick up a refurb system that includes a Win10 license.

I am also involved with Neighborhood Watch and would eventually may like to make is possible for local LE to be able to grab footage if they need it - depends if I can keep it secure (and be able to audit their actions). This is way off in the future unless something drastically changes in the near term. I feel like most of my neighbors that have cameras (that I can see) have big box store solutions that probably perform poorly and probably a few have professional installations that may or may not help them achieve their goals (lots of nestcam, ring, etc).