New setup: 2 camera's and a NVR

Discussion in 'Dahua' started by Iemand91, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Aug 12, 2016
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    My brother is thinking about installing a system consisting of 2 camera's and a NVR.
    I have the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE camera and I'm quite happy with it. He has it temporarily installed behind a window.

    From this forum, I've read the IPC-HDW4231EM-ASE is reasonable comparable, apart from the varifocal lens.
    My idea was to use my camera (5231R-ZE) to see what kind of lens he needs and buy the 4231EM-ASE with the appropriate lens. (2.8, 3.6 or 6mm)
    We would also need 2 PFA139 Junction Boxes to mount the camera's on.

    Then I would get the NVR4104-4KS2 / NVR4108-4KS2 / NVR4116-4KS2 with a WD Purple 1TB drive to record everything. The idea would be 24/7 recording with IVS so he can playback events easily without going through 24/7 of recording.

    As for powering these camera's; I'm using
    these; they're cheap and great to use. Would need 2 of these.

    So; as far as hardware goes:
    2x IPC-HDW4231EM-ASE
    2x PFA139 Junction Box
    2x 230V EU POE injector
    1x NVR4104-4KS2 / NVR4108-4KS2 / NVR4116-4KS2
    1x WD Purple 1TB drive. (Local webshop).

    This would set him back about €403 - €419. Quite a lot for just 2 camera's, but I hope this is something reliable.

    The situation is this. In this image is the map of the house and garden. I've added red lines representing the desired view from the camera. On the top, next to his driveway is the driveway of his neighbour.
    On the bottom/other side of the house; is the house/garden of the other neighbours.
    The second image has the dimensions (in meters). It is slightly outdated, but representable of the current situation.

    Dahua top down.jpg Dahua dimensions.png

    Here is the view from the North. The desired location of the camera is indicated with the red star.
    Dahua North view.jpg

    The view from the South; again the desired location of the camera is indicated with the red star.
    Dahua South view.jpg

    Now why I've made this thread.
    - These camera's with the mentioned NVR should work together right? We would like to get 24/7 recording with IVS events highlighted.

    - Andy also has this version of the NVR4108-4KS2; it's €15 more expensive than this one, but why? What's the difference?
    The 4104 (4 channel) should be enough for two camera's and he has no plans to add more camera's.
    So the 4108 or 4116 NVR is not needed and as far as I can tell; the only difference is the amount of live view the NVR can display on a screen. We don't plan to place the NVR near a TV, but hide it someplace a burglar can't find it.

    - I would like to use my 5231R-ZE to see what kind of lens he needs. I know most of you don't like wide-angle/2.8mm on IP-camera's, but if he gets a 2.8mm lens; he has more of the door in view (below the camera).
    But he would have less detail in the front of the house/garden of course.
    We might use corridor mode (vertical video) instead of horizontal; how awkward this may look.
    But how can you tell at what focal length you are when you're zooming with the 5231R-ZE?
    It's goes from 2.7 to 13.5mm, but how can you tell you're at 6mm for example? Or is this just guesswork?

    - Is there anything else I should think off?