New to cameras and this level of networking

Aug 23, 2019
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United States
Hello all,

First, thanks for many members here who post a lot of good info. I especially appreciate the folks who post camera reviews and guides, have read tons of info over the last few months. While I am into many technical hobbies like PC construction, cars, home remodeling, etc, networking has always been a point of confusion and am grateful for the info here.

I am setting up my first system, a network around the house of many Dahua cameras and a few PoE motion lights. All the cabling -- exactly 999ft combined :D -- is run from a closet to every outdoor corner of my house which was a major undertaking without a basement or attic... It is mostly 2mp Starlight cameras plus a few of the 8mp 2-way audio / alarm light Dahua mini bullet cameras, and an 8mp dome at eye level at my front door for ID-ing visitors, package deliveries, and scouting thieves. Each corner of the house has a PTZ in case something comes up and need an extra angle. Tried Ring cameras first and what total garbage they were. Better than nothing but so slow, buggy, and compressed/FOV distorted to the point of being completely useless. Looking forward to having the additional layer of security and more network knowledge along the way. My motto with most things in life is "Nothing wireless ever beats a hard cable" and no doubt that will be the case with security.
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