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Night Prowler


BIT Beta Team
Found this guy lurking around our house in the middle of the night. He drove by nearly 15 times between 2am and 5am. Scariest part is he appears to be wearing metal knuckles when he knocks on the window. Thankfully that’s just my office window he knocks on.. I have to rename that camera.

We now know who he is thanks to a neighbor spotting his truck parked in the next neighborhood later that day. Still no idea why he was obsessed with our house or what his intentions were. My guess was drugs were on board. Thankfully I don’t have a doorbell for him to lick :)

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WTF? pulling in driveways with the lights on at 4:30am? This guy doesnt look right at all. Hopefully you've provided the video and the guys address to the local LE? I would guess a druggie also.

Dude, you still have your Christmas decorations in your front yard?


Getting the hang of it
My first thought watching this, is any guy dumb enough to have a girlfriend whose parents can't know is dumb enough to knock on the wrong window of the wrong house after cruising the neighborhood and parking in the driveway, with lights on wondering why his date hasn't come out yet.


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I'd tilt that driveway camera down a little more to get the soffet out of the frame. The reflected IR is limiting the night vision a bit.

The guy was definitely up to no good in one way or another, especially at 04:30 in Minnesota. Maybe he was blotto and confused your house with the one he thought he was at, looking for his "date".


Getting comfortable
Who wears a knuckle duster to a date? I thought initially the way he skips to the side that he was going to urinate in the corner but then he comes back with those bloody menacing eyes.


BIT Beta Team
Thanks for the camera feedback! I’ll tilt the driveway one down a bit. I’m slowly replacing them all with starlight ones since most are HDCVI right now. I also have one mounted at eye level covering my front door and have two more on order. My motion lights were dead and have now been replaced. They are bright enough for color images in the driveway now :)

I have audio and he calls for “Nikki” when he taps on the window, as he runs away, and while sitting in the driveway.

I’m thinking wrong house but with the knuckles and persistence he didn’t have good intentions if he found her. First time he drives by is 0230. He circles the block and stops in the street 10-15 times between then and 0500. Sometimes he kills his headlights when he creeps by, other times he pulls into driveways with them on. He gave the horn a quick tap while in my driveway. Clearly not a bright individual.

If he had tried to get in he would have met my dog and gun.


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"Nikki" / "Nickey" could also be a name/nickname for a guy. Possibly intended to be a bit insulting.

Hopefully you have an alarm system. Assuming you do, I'd imagine it might benefit from a few more glass break detectors.


BIT Beta Team
UPDATE: he was back again yesterday early morning driving by and sitting in the street several times. PD tracked him down and gave him a trespass notice. He claims he was using Snapchat maps to track his (ex?)girlfriend he thought was cheating based on her Snapchat location. Apparently it mapped to that corner of the yard. They also spoke to his other ex-girlfriend who lives in the next neighborhood over. She confirmed he is weird/stalker-like as he will hang out in her driveway most of the night. Apparently it doesn’t bother her - she seems equally weird. They confirmed that he was either high or his brain cells were already methed away long ago.

In the meantime. I have BI sending me an image of everything that comes down our street watching for him. Thankfully our street isn’t too busy.

I created a YouTube playlist with most of the videos. Sure made sharing with the neighbors easier!


Getting comfortable
If he's drugged out of his brains then the next time it happens could you not maybe call them to come and take him away DUI?


Pulling my weight
If what he says is true, then you defo don't want to be answering the door to him. I get the feeling their won't be any conversation just a straight beating from the KD's. Are they even legal over there? Defo arrest in the UK for possession.

Until he gave up the story, I was thinking drug enforcer and wrong house.

slip kid

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The knuckles looks more like a vaping device or meth pipe. A house fipper bought a house in this neighborhood and put his convicted felon 38 yr old son in it to watch over it. He proceeded to traffic in some substance for a few weeks before the owner was notified. He once came over around noon saying a man and woman were living in his attic and needed me to help catch them because they were hiding everytime he tried to look for them. Meth. Flippers. Both are scourges.


BIT Beta Team
Knuckles are not legal here in MN. So far since the PD had contact with him he has not been back!