Noob seeking camera recommendations


Oct 1, 2019
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Hi, another noob here looking for some camera model recommendations. I've read the cliff notes, and other similar posts. Still at that stage where I'm not sure how much i'm really absorbing but getting there. It seems that most here are looking for camera setups for security reasons. My need is more for site interest/landscape view.

I live in a resort area and we're looking for a camera that will give family and friends a remote view of the landscape and weather when desired. Looking for maximum, quality optical zoom with PTZ to allow focusing on things of interest that may be happening in the view (eg: eagle feeding on a fish on the ice in winter), sunsets, storms, etc. Mounting location is outdoor and has ready access to Ethernet and power. Night vision nice, but not a priority as the majority of viewing will be in daylight. Budget in the vicinity of $350.

Based on what I've learned here so far, I've been looking at something like the Q1C1/ Dahua OEM PTZ SD49225T-Hn. But this is on Amazon which the notes suggest to stay away from. So I assume the "OEM" label is just that, just a phony label?

I've looked at the store on the site but don't see any PTZ / zoom cameras. Is that an indication that I should stay away from these, despite my desired requirements?

The more I read/learn, the more confused I get! Any and all recommendations and advice appreciated.
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