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NVR with Display in a different room?


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I have a dahua NVR with 2 cams connected to it via Poe switch. Is it possible to have a display in a different room and can anyone recommend a display ? Many Thanks


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Generally, HD TV's with HDMI provide the best "bang for the buck" regarding best looking and largest screen per $. And quality HDMI cables of suitable length are reasonably priced. However, once you exceed a certain length it is generally recommended to use an "active" cable.

For example a 32" PC monitor with VGA/DVI/HDMI inputs could be several hundred dollars but a 32" TV (not "Smart") with HDMI may cost less than half of that. Walmart sells a 32" 720p TV with HDMI for $80, a 1080p for $110 !

If your NVR has an HDMI port I'd consider that route.


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Going to depend on how they're connected. Above posters have covered off HDMI.
You can get smart TV, many allow viewing via this method with browser. Basically similar as logging into camera via PC. No HDMI or converters required at all. I've got the TV in my lounge room set up to view cameras & it's plugged into home network.

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But you could also just log into individual cameras themself.
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The other route to go down which I find to be the most reliable is to use a Dahua NVR as a spot monitor output. For example, a Dahua 4116-4KS2 is a cheap NVR, which you would connect to your network (so just a cat5e or cat6 cable) and then use the HDMI output of the 4661-4KS2 to any HDMI monitor or TV. You then add the cameras to this 2nd NVR, set up the live view in the way you want and done!

It's a really good solution that we have used for a lot of clients. It means that when the power goes off, the NVR reboots and all you have to do is power on the TV and you're away again. Simple.