Offline Camera after unplugging to re-order cameras.

Discussion in 'Hikvision' started by Anthony_Tran, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Anthony_Tran

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    Oct 12, 2017
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    Hey guys

    Firstly, I am a new member and like most people I have been following different threads for some time for advice and I finally decided to join up after finally experiencing some issues myself.

    I purchased a HIKVISION Model DS-7608n1-I2/8P a few weeks back and it was working fine. After not liking the order that the cameras that are currently displayed, I decided to unplug them and reconnect them into the order that I desired the most. The greatest fear that I had in doing this was for some cameras to go offline. Well... it happened. Ch 1 camera is now off line and displays 'No Link'.

    I attempted to log into via the IP Address and noticed its offline. i attempted to enter the password and that didnt work. I have also accessed SADP Portal and all seems good on that end. I have also rebooted the system 3 times and the firmware is up to date.

    Could it be as simple as me pulling that single plug too hard? I even attempted to swap some cables and it made other channels to also go offline, thus having 2 off line cameras. It was consistent that the first camera ch is always off line, regardless to which cable i put in.

    Any thoughts guys? The threads have been great but I think its time I asked the question as I live on the corner block and this camera sits outside my room closest to the side fence.

  2. alastairstevenson

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    Oct 28, 2014
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    What exactly did you see? All the cameras?
    Normally you'd have to hook up the PC to a spare NVR PoE port to gain access to the cameras.
    If that's what you did, a suggestion:

    In the NVR web GUI, take a look at the IP addresses that are currently assigned (usually automatically when the NVR is first used) to the NVR PoE channels.
    Note them down along with their channel number.
    Using SADP to see all the cameras, you need to determine which camera has which IP address.
    If there are unique models, that makes it easy for those.
    For those that are the same model, you can briefly unplug a cable, refresh SADP to see which one goes missing, and plug back in again.
    When you have mapped out the camera IP addresses, use SADP to change any camera IP addresses that are not a one-to-one match to the NVR PoE ports they are plugged in to, from the channel IP address info you already noted down.
    I hope that makes sense.