ONVIF cam can't "Match Code" for wifi


Mar 1, 2020
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Buenos Aires
Hello, I'm Diego.

I have an NVR 4 channels with 2 cameras connected (the cameras that came when I bought the nvr, which are super generic).
What's the difference between protocol N1 & ONVIF?

I bought 2 new cameras: SV3C SV-B06W-720p-HX

I want to add them to the own wifi of the nvr (like the other 2 cameras already connected)


I connected one of the new cameras directly to the nvr in the only available wired port and when "refreshing" in the nvr I can't find the camera. I noticed by default the protocol is N1. When I switched to ONVIF, it found the camera (What's the difference between protocol N1 & ONVIF?) Here I noticed that the new camera has complete different IP address form that the rest. Added cameras have 172.20.14.xxx and the one found (I guess it's because of they an IP of the nvr wifi network). Now I click "Match Code" and It never finds the camera. If I add the camera by "Auto Add" it works, but only when it's connected by cable.

I tried the same process but connecting the nvr to my wifi router and the camera to the router and I got the same results.

I tried manually configuring the new camera to my wifi network and it shows up in the nvr because it goes over my wifi network.

So, why can't I "Match Code" an ONVIF camera and why it works with N1 cameras?? Is this the expected way of working? I couldn't find any information about N1 protocol.
Do ONVIF cameras always need to be connected to a network and that network connected to the NVR to work?

I really appreciate any help.