1. aaronogen

    Get Dahua TrafficJunction Event via ONVIF Camera Event Subscription

    Hello, new poster here. I've been trying to get ANPR reads from my Dahua Camera automatically to a remote server every time the TrafficJunction event is fired and the only way to get events to a remote server is via ONVIF. Is there a way i can get this event to be subscribed to via ONVIF protocol?
  2. S

    Direct Camera to PC not working via Ethernet onvif 2.4 complain Pan Tilt ip camera ( Care Cam ).

    I recently bought a chinese Wifi PT camera branded as CareCam (Model No. WIFI-TF-PTX (10X)). There is a dedicated app for the camera known as carecampro on playstore which works fine. Camera can also be connected to PC via WIFI or rj45 cable using a wifi router . I want to connect this camera to...
  3. Morpheus_FJ

    New guy here...Security Tech from Vancouver, BC

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say your chats here have saved my day on so many occasions...I've finally decided to join to site hoping to help some other members from the experiences that I've gone through. My CCTV equipment is all from Hikvision. Question: Does anyone know of a 2 Wire...
  4. N

    Which device(s) are actually performing analytics?

    So I'm here because I appear to be having some ONVIF compatibility problems between my new NVR and a random smattering of old/off-brand IP cameras, and some of the googling and forum reading I've done has left me with a big question. Which device(s) are actually performing video analytics? In...
  5. P

    Set network configuration of multiple IP cameras of different manufacturers

    Suppose I have 20 cameras of different manufacturers. Maybe some of them will start with a fixed IP address, maybe some other will try to get network configuration from a DHCP server and, if failed, will start with another fixed IP address. I know I could connect one camera at a time to a PC...
  6. P

    Viewing Issues with Using EmpireTech 4MP Cams - SOLVED!

    I have an issue that's been plaguing me for months. I have two of Andy's EmpireTech 4mp cameras that I have set up in my IVMS-4500 app for my iPhone and iPad. I have several Hikvision cameras that I use and have added the EmpireTech cameras as cameras in the client software. Long story short...
  7. M

    Hikvision DS-KV8213-WME1 ONVIF not working

    Hello, I am trying to connect Hikvision DS-KV8213-WME1 to DAHUA NVR5208-4KS2 V4.002.0000000.4.R (ONVIF protocol), but without success. DS-KV8213-WME1 firmware is V2.2.53 build 220816. I don't see any option on DS-KV8213-WME1 about configuring a separated ONVIF account. I am trying to...
  8. MiteyAV

    Outdoor LightBulb PTZ Onvif

    Does anyone have a functioning, outdoor, Onvif, ptz, lightbulb camera? There are so many for sale, but I don't want to go through the trial and return process looking for some that work. I understand the quality will not be first rate, but being able to cover a few select areas would we...
  9. ipc824

    Dahua (Amcrest) IVS triggers to BI

    New member, so sorry in advance. I have read several posts on here with little luck. I bought 2 Dahua's from Andy, and an Amcrest (also Dahua). I can't get any IVS events to integrate into BI. I see them logged in the camera itself, but it never triggers in BI. I occasionally get a Event...
  10. C

    ONVIF compatibility between POE camera / NVR setup

    HI all. I have a Lorex POE 5 camera system with NVR looking to add a WIDE ANGLE camera (as opposed to PTZ) by mounting to the chimney. I have been reading about the REOLINK DUO for a wide angle camera but I'm wondering about compatibility, Lorex said 'don't use any cameras other than ours'...
  11. matthewjames88

    ONVIF camera (IP360) won't connect to NVR

    Hi guys. Forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section. I have just joined here and have a couple of questions. I have a cheap floodlight cam that uses the ipcam360 app. Even though this is onvif, the camera uses UDP protocol instead of TCP. There is no way to change this, and my cheap...
  12. T

    No audio through Dahua XVR when connecting Hikvision cams via ONVIF

    I have added 2 Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW cameras on a Dahua XVR but there is no audio as wells as 2-way audio. I tried to add the cameras also on Synology's Surveilance Station and there' still no sound but 2-way audio is operational. Is there any recommendation/setting to try? Thanks in advance!!
  13. aesterling

    Ring opens its app to non-Ring cameras

    I just read this news story that Ring will soon allow users to add 3rd party ONVIF cameras into the Ring ecosystem and take advantage of their app, notifications, event history, etc. It sounds like a bad idea that I'd personally never want to use, but I still found it to be an interesting move...
  14. A

    Axis P3225-LVE won't run HikConnect liveview over ONVIF protocol, but plays loccaly ok

    Hello Team! I have a hudge problem with getting HikConnect liveview from my DS-7608NI-K1 and Axis P3225-LVE. Well, it is impossible to add&run camera via Axis protocol, what is well known problem. As community adviced, I added it via ONVIF protocol and connection is ok – playback, monitor view...
  15. R

    Hikvision NVR with Axis IP camera/ONVIF Issue

    Hello I have a Hikvision DS-7732NI-I424P and an Axis P1405-LE MK II The main stream is working fine but I can’t get the sub stream to work. Does anyone know the details of the built in Axis Protocol? I can create a custom one but will need the original one as reference. Alternatively, the...
  16. L

    Cam Lag with BI, VLC, etc., but NOT ONVIF...

    I just purchased this cheap IP Cam but noticed a lag on the RTSP stream in Blue Iris as well as the device's mobile app. The interesting thing is that using "ONVIF Device Manager" PC app, there is NO LAG... Weird. The ONVIF reported stream is: rtsp:/
  17. M

    Looking for specific WiFi cameras

    Hello to everyone, I am searching for WiFi surveillance cameras with these specific features: They are working on battery power (no cables - only for charging) They support standard protocols like ONVIF or RTSP I was searching for the products but it seems that all cambers of this type do...
  18. M

    Hikvision DVR API

    I want to be able to control the on screen display on a Hikvision DVR DS-7204HQI-K1 via IP commands (e.g. going from multi camera view to a single camera, nothing fancy). I've tried various approaches and can't seem to figure it out. I know it can be done on most Hikvision NVRs using...
  19. maicol07

    Help with external NVR cameras URL

    Hi, I have an Herospeed NVR with several cameras attached through PoE ports. I can see all the cameras via the NVR web interface but I wouold like to setup them in another LAN app via HTTP, RTSP or ONVIF. I've tried some URLs found online but none worked. Do you know what I can use to do this or...
  20. M

    Looking for a video doorbell that complies with this list:

    1. Supports RTSP 2. Support PC software such as Blue Iris, or others 3. Offers free cloud storage or the ability to automatically backup to email or ftp (aside from the local storage) 4. Is ZigBee or z-wave compatible (or ONVIF) and may be combined into a smart home 5. Allows to use custom (mp3)...
  21. AveryFreeman

    Blue Iris w/ ONVIF camera VMD metadata

    Hello, I will be upgrading from Milestone Xprotect Essential+ for my home security system after becoming disillusioned by their licensing system - even the free version (Essential+) was complaining about camera licenses being in "grace period" from their licensing system thinking they were new...
  22. Chip2552

    Hikvision ds-hd1 vs third party db1/db2

    Looking to purchase the hikvision version of the camera. Is it onvif compatible? Looking at the data sheet from hikvision, it says nothing about onvif but multiple aftermarket versions say they are. Does anyone know? Thanks
  23. E

    ONVIF camera names revert to IPC after restarts or changes

    Dahua/Amcrest NV4116-HS issue... With the 2020 NVR firmwares, I find that the names given to my ONVIF cameras all revert back to the value of "IPC" after any single camera has been momentarily offline due to rebooting, or any time a camera is added or subtracted. The channel names within the...
  24. W

    Imou Looc (dahua ipc c26e) - How can I activate and desactivate motion detection with Onvif

    Hi, I bought this camera because it was supposed to be compatible with IFTTT but it doesn't. My end goal is to be able to activate and desactivate motion detection with a physical bouton but I know it's maybe too much to ask with this price range of camera ?? Do you think it's possible to do it...
  25. O

    Uniview URDB1 - A doorbell with great image quality, Onvif/RTSP streams, and EXIR, but no mechanical/digital doorbell support.

    When I heard about Uniview's doorbell, I was immediately excited to try it out and got my hands on it that same week, thanks to some great connections that I have in the CCTV world. I was already on the lookout for a replacement to my Hikvision doorbell, and it seemed to meet all my requirements...
  26. P

    Dahua NVR can't add wireless cameras

    I'm having trouble adding wireless cameras to my NVR5208 NVR. I already have several POE cameras up and working on 10.1.1 subnet but I want to add several wireless cameras on the 192.168.1 subnet. Yes I've read the Cliff notes and the "NVR & POE Switch thread" and the "***PSA for those with a...
  27. J

    Trouble with wifi ip cameras stuttering. New wired NVR?

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I have searched everywhere and still can't find a solution. I ordered an 8 camera Wifi cctv system a while ago (it's a chinese one). The only branding I could find on it says it's a Sinye Tech Wifi CCTV camera system. On the cameras itself it only says Model...
  28. M

    ONVIF door camera recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend an ONVIF door camera with a fish eye lens and audio? If it is known to work with GW Security NVR's that is a plus. I've been all over the web and all I can find is cameras that want you to use their cloud service, but I want to use my already existing NVR. :)
  29. diego8314

    ONVIF cam can't "Match Code" for wifi

    Hello, I'm Diego. I have an NVR 4 channels with 2 cameras connected (the cameras that came when I bought the nvr, which are super generic). What's the difference between protocol N1 & ONVIF? I bought 2 new cameras: SV3C SV-B06W-720p-HX I want to add them to the own wifi of the nvr (like the...
  30. A

    Guidance needed with ONVIF versions

    Hello I wanted to know if my NVR and IP cameras both supports S profiles but the ONVIF version of NVR is 2.6 and IP cameras have earlier ONVIF version 2.4 will the IP cameras and NVR work comfortably with each other with backward compatibility