ONVIF camera names revert to IPC after restarts or changes

Oct 21, 2020
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New York
Dahua/Amcrest NV4116-HS issue...
With the 2020 NVR firmwares, I find that the names given to my ONVIF cameras all revert back to the value of "IPC" after any single camera has been momentarily offline due to rebooting, or any time a camera is added or subtracted. The channel names within the cameras themselves do not change (and are not set to "IPC"), and yet the NVR reverts to referring to them as IPC. I have two Amcrest cams and the NVR does not exhibit this behavior with them, only with the ONVIF cams (using the HI3516D_83H50N chipsets, to be precise).

Hoping this will be addressed in the next Dahua firmware release, but have no idea how to submit the issue to their attention, being they don't provide support for my product in my region.