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Pixilation on Motion Detection

Hoping someone will be able to assist here I have an issue that has arisen in the past few months that I simply cannot work out after changing many settings. When motion is detected the video recorded becomes pixilated, up until this point it is recording 24x7 with no issues, I thought it may have been the camera or NVR was strained so i've changed the settings many times but to no avail.

Details of system:
NVR = DS-7604NI-E1/4P (Firmware 3.4.98)
Camera = DS-2CD2332-I (Firmware 5.4.5)

Sample from the automated email as attached, you'll notice that as motion is detected the first 2 snapshots are fine and then it turns all pixilated/blocky which is also the same on the recorded file.

Current Camera settings:

Resolution: 2048*1536
Bitrate: Variable
Video Quality: Higher
Frame Rate: 15
Max Bitrate: 4096
Video Encoding: H.264
I Frame Interval: 50
SVC: Auto

Enable Motion Detection - enabled
Enable Dynamic Analysis for Motion - enabled
Intrusion Detection - enabled
Line Crossing Detection - enabled

Any ideas on what I can try or further questions please let me know.



Hi SiMoore,
Only time I've had anything like that it was 2 different things. 1st time was selecting h265+ , recording 24/7 at 1fps and changing to 20fps. Changed it back to h265 and its fine. The other time was a new install tvi system with the cusomters old hard drive in. Similar artifacts and as the drive was the only thing i didnt fit I changed it for a new one and the problem disappeared.
Probably doesnt help but if its been fine all this time it sounds like a fault rather than a setting ?


i'm a real newbie in ip camera but try to lower the i-frame interval to match the fps, my understanding, it would take 3.33 seconds of bad video to correct glitch

50 / 15 = 3.33 seconds

I hope if i'm wrong, someone will jump in and correct me


IPCT Contributor
set Iframe to 15.
are you running event detection in the camera or in a VMS or NVR ?
If changing the IFRAMe does not fix it, set quality to Medium.

let me know the results.


Getting the hang of it
Hi there, how are the notifications during the day or How is the video play back when logged in to the NVR physically.
Also do consider that, that particular camera may have poor light light performance an what you are seeing of the camera trying to deal with the image noise.
I think you I-frame number is high. I usually set it to twice my FPS.

I could be wrong but cameras works extra hard in light light.


Getting the hang of it
Setting the i-frame equal to your FPS will make the camera work harder also, but give it a try.


Young grasshopper
Max bit rate seems a bit low for that resolution

I Frame IF set to low will cause the picture to pulsate ( clear to grainy ) in my experience ( definitely Not Your Problem )

Verify Stream Encoding is correct on MAIN Continuous & Event

H.265 if available seems to work and or display a better quality in my experiance


Getting the hang of it
I had that problem before I realized the recording settings were separate between continuous and event. the default event was low every time an even occurred the resolution and bitrate dropped.