Placing cameras for house with gated access


May 7, 2016
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Greetings IP camera folks,
I'm looking for help in planning my IP camera placement for home surveillance. I have a house surrounded by a wall with three gates plus a garage door, so it has fixed access points. After reading the forums and cliff notes, I think it's possible for me to set up cameras focused on those access points for identification, and possibly add a wide angle camera for context.

I've uploaded a drawing of the layout of my house plus 6 possible camera placements. It shows cameras 1 & 2 focused at two gates (gate 1 & 2) in my front yard (49' x 64'). Camera 3 is either a porch cam or a wide angle context cam. Camera 4 is for a side gate (gate 3). Camera 5 is my driveway and camera 6 is my garage cam. I've also included distance from cam to gate for focal length calculation.

I'd like some advice on:
  1. Recommendation for Fixed or varifocal options for the ID and observation cameras.
  2. Do I need a wider angle observation camera for my front yard?
  3. My overall placement strategy.
For camera height, I am planning to follow the < 8 ft. rule for ID cameras. Thank you for your help.