Play back Alerts for Group and export/download all with same start/stop times?


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Oct 20, 2017
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Palos Verdes
As I'm sure y'all know by now, 99% of the reason I have BI and a bunch of cameras is to catch wildlife action on my backyard trail, like this:

Those are two separate cameras, from which I download footage, and then I assemble the 2-up video using DaVinci Resolve, which is amazingly good considering the $0 price tag.

But my workflow is still very cumbersome, because I need to review each camera's footage separately, set start/stop points separately, and then bring it all into Resolve, align it in time, and then trim out the excess video.

Is there a way to:
  1. Review Alerts on all cameras in a Group, simultaneously? I can see Live views of a Group, but as soon as I click on an Alert, it zooms to a single camera. (These two cameras are the only ones in the Group, and both are set to trigger the Group)
  2. Once I have the segment I want (which may start/stop earlier or later than the actual Alert point, which is why I've turned off sub-streams and have them recording Continuously), can I set the Start and Stop points for export/download to the exact same timestamps for both cameras? And then play from the Start until the Stop, repeatedly, to be sure I've got the segment I want before I click Export?
  3. From an RDP session or from the Web UI3 would be fine, but Web UI3 would be preferred, so I can download directly to the machine where I do the editing work in Resolve.