R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and full upgrade tool - enhanced.

Discussion in 'Hikvision' started by alastairstevenson, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. razorseal

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    Oct 17, 2014
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    So how do I do it if it's not bricked? Which part am I skipping? you go straight to telnet part?

    My problem was trying to update to 5.4.41 instead of 5.4.5... you must go to 5.4.5, nothing before, or you'll have to consecutively update.
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    Jul 1, 2015
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    read my post about 5 messages ago where i loaded the brickfixv2CN direct from the GUI as my cams werent bricked.

    I stopped at 5.4.5 .... they broke enough on that version.

    If you have a cube you'll need Alastair mod FW from Network Disconnect thread.

    I am not sure whether that network disconnect issue was fixed in 5.4.41 or not.

    Alastair seemed to imply it may have.
  3. alastairstevenson

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    Oct 28, 2014
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    From what I recall, all they did was to change the command-line parameters on the network_deamon (sic) checker program.
    The problem, only seen on some switches when a camera isn't being accessed and there is no outbound network traffic, is not limited to the R0 series cubes, it's across several models and series.
  4. aduz

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    I have a CN DS-2CD2032-I that had English hack, and made mistake of flashing EN 5.4.5 before following this guide.

    Followed this guide. SADP can't find it after the last power cycle.

    SADP finds it after flashing 'brickfixv2EN.dav'. After flashing en_std_5.4.5_170123 --> Firmware update appears to be successful. --> Power cycle --> SADP doesn't see anything

    Any ideas? I've tried flashing older EN versions and they appear to be successful, but I don't think this camera is booting correctly.

    Edit: Ended up reverting back to CN everything, including HEX values, and started the conversion from scratch. Didn't seem to work.

    Took everything apart and was going to order 1.25mm JST T-1 4-Pin for further troubleshooting, but decided to try reseating the thin 40 pin (i think) ribbon cable between the two boards. I was messing around earlier and possibly had them seated incorrectly. SADP detects, web page is accessible, and it's fully EN.

    Everything seems to load faster on 5.4.5 as well. Sadly, I will be selling this and looking 8mp h265 options, however, this cam served well.
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