Seeking recommendation for brand new surveillance setup of small store


Feb 24, 2018
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A friend recently opened a store front that is doing quite well. They've tapped me to setup surveillance. I'm an IT professional and have several surveillance cameras on my own property. I have setup my cameras, NAS, backup and scripts just how I want them. For this shop I want to stick as close to off-the-shelf as I can. Four cameras should suffice. I'd like a recommendation for a NVR.

The shop owner is not very adept with technology, so playback needs to be simple. Web based is fine as long as the security is good / trusted. If there's a good mobile/MacOS client that can work too, and I'll just teach them how to flip on the VPN on their phone/computer when they want to see the cameras.

I'd like to find something that makes cloud backup easy. Basically if something happens at the store and the NVR is compromised I don't want the owner to have to rely on me to get their footage. They should be able to do it themselves.

I appreciate any tips, insights or recommendations you can provide. Thank you!


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Sep 25, 2016
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Evansville, In. USA
Study this : cliff notes.
Unless this is a really small space, I'll venture a guess that 4 cams isn't enough.
May I suggest that Blue Iris running on a dedicated PC is a much better solution.
Cloud solutions should be avoided.

Otherwise, NVR5208/5216/5232-4KS2
16ch version (expansion) is only a few $$ more than an 8ch.

If correctly installed, hidden and secured, cables hidden, the chances of the NVR or computer being compromised is nil.