Sorting out Hikvision

Don Schultz

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Jul 11, 2014
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Laguna Beach
I am trying to sort out some of the Hik models. I have a 5500 square foot property including 1500 residence, 2500 manufacturing/office, 1500 retail. Eventually covered by 15 cams, with 2 outdoors, running on Blue Iris, mostly POE. These are the cams I am considering:

DS-2CD2432-IW Cube: Good cam, lots of features, the night/day switching is not clean but cam can be modified. 105 on Aliexpress.

DS-2332-I Dome: Seems reasonable for ceiling applications in manufacturing and retail. 95 on Aliexpress

DS-2CD2632F-I Bullet: Slightly higher quality and slightly larger bullet (than the 2032). Good out doors and larger areas. 160 on Aliexpress

DS-2CD2032-I Small Bullet: In expensive bullet option. 85 on Aliexpress

DS-2CD5412FWD Pinhole: Best pinhole under 175. Hoping for 3mp some day!

I am thinking of going 2.8 lens inside and 4mm outside, generally, but of course it would depend on what I am trying to capture. 2.8 to get the widest view of a large space.

I would love some advice!
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Mar 9, 2014
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You basically have it down..would just like to point out a few things...
The DS-2332-I is not a dome but a turret and as such can be mounted on a wall or ceiling...I would suggest using this camera where you has no issues with ir reflection (as some domes do) nad has very good night vision.
DS-2CD2632F-I Bullet is not just a bigger camera, but is varifocal, you can manually (at the time of install) adjust between 2.8mm and 12mm... Also if you order the -IS version you will get audio in/out (you need to supply your own mic and camera) as well as alarm in and out..check the spec sheet but i believe there is also an sd card slot)...
Another great camera is the 2532-IS the S version has a built in card major downside is that the ir is weak..however this is not an issue if say you are using it as a front door cam, where you will either have lights on or not need any distance..its small and looks good.
Also for particularly dark areas (if you will have zero lighting, and need distance) These new hikvision
DS-2CD2T32 bullets offer 50 and 80m ir range as options over the standard 30m...(hikvisions site seems to be down now)..