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Specialized Camera?

I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has a huge game farm about 60m from my house. I wanted to put a camera up that can give me a view of the animals that roam around in the game farm. The animals can be anything from a 100m to 500m out.

Now while that sounds daunting I am not wanting to see each hair on the animal in high def, rather just be able to see what type of animal it is and enjoy the view.

So the real question is around experience and knowledge - anyone know which camera I could be looking at? I have googled things like best POE camera with zoom, Camera for far distances POE etc and they keep coming up with a 5MP 4k : Reolink RLC-423 - 5MP PTZ PoE Security IP Camera

I cant find a decent youtube or example of how the actual zoom is in actual distance, lots of bear at front door or dear on front porch but nothing as per my example above.

Any recommendations or pointers?


Getting comfortable
general consensus around here is to stay away from Reolink, for various reasons.

I would set up one camera as your 'overview' cam with 4 or 6mm lens, maybe a 4k with decent low-light capabilities like the Dahua 1831E.
Then, have one or more high-zoom PTZ cams that you can use to zoom in when the overview cam shows action in a specific area...