tinyCam 15.0 brings totally redesigned web UI


tinyCam Developer
Sep 12, 2015
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tinyCam Monitor PRO web UI has been totally reworked.

tinyCam web server main features:
  1. Live view up to 4 cameras at the same time.
  2. PTZ and audio support from live view (admin only).
  3. Timeline support (multiple timelines as well) w/ slow/fast playback.
  4. Autoplay event on hover.
  5. Sort events by date and type (person, vehicle, etc.).
  6. Delete and pin events (admin only).
  7. Support for playback cloud events in web browser. Works for Arlo, Blue Iris, DoorBird, Neos.
  8. Admin console (admin only).

PTZ keyboard controls:
  • Keys W/A/S/D - pan-tilt
  • Keys +/- - optical zoom in/out
  • Keys F/N - focus far/near
  • Keys O/C - iris open/close
  • Keys 1..9 - presets

tinyCam web UI is open sourced and is available at alexeyvasilyev/tinycam-client-web.

tinyCam web server API is available here.

UI demo is here.