What do you think of this system? (Ahua NVR & cameras)


Mar 7, 2018
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I have read the Cliff Notes document, and it was very informative. Thanks!

I'm looking mostly for theft deterrent, and very basic recording/monitoring.. "just in case". My budget is "as low as possible" with a maximum of $750.

I'm living in a rental house, and my landlord said, "Absolutely NO wires!". So I am limited to wifi cameras.

I don't want the complexity of a dedicated Windows machine running Blue Iris, so I will use an NVR.

My understanding from reading the cliff notes document and these forums is that Ahua makes the lowest cost "decent quality" equipment, and that it's highly recommended to get the NVR and cameras from the same brand.

I would like to have 8 cameras. 4 inside and 4 outside.


The cliff notes link to a 16channel NVR, which is more than what I need. What about this one? Is there anything less costly that would work for me? (I would use a WD purple 2tb drive.)


I think they will ned 2.8mm or 3.8mm lenses, so they can see a wide area of the room? The biggest room is 15' x 25' in size. Each room is pre-wired for a motion detector, so I will mount the camera at that location, and then use the pre-wiring to deliver power to the camera. (I'll locate the 12v 1A power supply in the basement closet where the pre-wires all terminate, and run power through the individual cables and splice the appropriate power connector on the end poking out from wall, to attach the camera.)

Ideally, I would love to have a camera that looks just like a standard motion detector, since it would be less obviously a camera. However, I can't find anything like that (except cheap Chinese stuff.)

So what do you think about this Ahua turrent camera? The problem is that I can't seem to find it in a wifi version. Any ideas?

Or perhaps I could use something like this HiKam S6?


My back yard is 20' depth x 40' side. My front yard is 5' depth x 25' wide (no driveway). The house front is almost sitting on the street, with just a tiny walkup/stairway to the front door, and a very small back yard.

I am thinking either this camera or this one?


I will set up a VLAN for just the cameras and NVR to connect into my wifi router.


What do you think? Should I try a different brand instead of Ahua? Any recommendations on an NVR and cameras?

Should I get Amcrest stuff instead? They seem to have a decent priced NVR and lots of various wifi cameras.

Or should I just get a cheapo 8-camera chinese "all in one" system like this one? ;)

Thanks for any help!
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Sep 25, 2016
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Evansville, In. USA
The name is Dahua, not Ahua.

Wifi for security cams, especially 8 of them sucks big time.

Amcrest is just rebranded Dahua, with some features disabled. Just buy the Dahua.

Stuff you purchase on Ebay or Amazon more times than not are Chinese region version of the cams with hacked to english firmware. Most of them you can't ever update the firmware as it will either brick the cam, or revert it to Chinese.

Stick with Dahua or Hik.

For indoors: ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)
Use the POE port.

For outdoors. Dahua Starlights are hard to beat.
There is always a way to run wire with a little ingenuity and design and no damage.

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