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    BI email support - MIA

    I don't know where to start, V5 BI has been a migraine since day 1 and their support is non existent. It is nice that this forum is in place cause we all be up the creek with the support you get that exist there now. Is there a step by step V5 BI Tutorial on forum? I searched but the...
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    Homeland Security watches what you buy online.

    Walmart is also keeping tabs on every card purchase you make and is building a personality from it about you. Every single item you buy is recorded when on a card and filed. If you have a Walmart account, login and see.
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    NVR3216-16P-12 or ?

    I want to update from PC to an NVR and feel pretty naive about what would serve me best. I want to be able to watch the cameras continuously and have hi FPS and resolution, with a system that can except 3rd party poe cameras. I run BI on a PC with 7 cameras and the performance of the PC is...
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    Cats Caught On Camera

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    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    This program is giving me video and settings finally. I am going to fiddle with it and see if I can do the firmware update and check settings
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    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    Thanks, I will go grab that now
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    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    Yes I have tried firefox, msie - old and new version, chrome
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    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    I am getting some strange action from the Huisin PTZ camera I use for license plate reading. I was going to do a firmware update and none of my browsers can get any info from the camera setup. I run the Huisin with some hiks and 7-35 zoom and those all give the settings correctly in browser...
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    Mini PTZ v2: Firmware discussion

    These Links are DEAD
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    Blue Iris Updating

    Thanks Fenderman, I went to the BI page and downloaded the last update since I am running x64. I understand that version 5 is still sort of a beta in my opinion and will stick with what I have until until it gets a good while testing and usage.
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    Blue Iris Updating

    After support & maintenance has run out on BI and the auto updates have stopped, can the latest web version still be manually download from the site and the license code be placed into it so I have the latest version?
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    Vacation UFO

    Ya, someone else mentioned that too, I am still trying to see that in the things shape. I didn't hear any helo engine. Just wish I saw it at the time and could of got a better look.
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    While waiting for Cops to arrive...

    Waited for lightning to strike.