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    My experience with a Ryzen 5600g APU

    To be honest I’m happy to hear it wasn’t a disaster out choice, but I think as the number of cameras grow (and you don’t have the benefit of hardware acceleration), you may hit limits of that CPU eventually. It would be nice to have the system wattage draw for a reference point, and have this...
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    Bicycle thieves

    100% chance you stopped some break-ins and thefts imho on that last one.
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    Morning or Evening

    I think this might be an unmanaged switch, at least the installation guide says that on the first page. "Unmanaged Desktop PoE+ Switch " OP mentions he has a "TL-SG1210P", but maybe double check you don't have the TL-SG1210MP which in the install manual talks about having a feature called...
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    Weed Eater and Zip Tie's....

    Smarter Everyday - Which Shape CUTS BEST? Smarter Everyday - Weed Eater Wars: 8 Types of Weedeater Line square off in a single elimination battle.
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    Need to wait 45-50 seconds to view what just happened using alerts

    Is your Blue Iris database located on the SSD?
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    Which new Intel NUC?

    For what its worth this version of the G3 is basically the same dimensions as the ML07, but should cost you about 20%-40% as compared to building something.
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    Which new Intel NUC?

    Just some feedback on building the solution instead of buying something cheap off-lease that might not fit, building something will probably increase the cost by 5x. I have that exact case on my Intel pfsense Router build -- its nothing fancy but fine & small, manual sucks. I see you noticed...
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    Which new Intel NUC?

    Can the existing NAS be hard wired to Blue Iris? I know some have USB-C etc ports, I wouldn't recommend constant write cycles to an SSD, I think the surveillance version SSD's probably would last long enough but only because of the over provisioning they have a lot of excess space waiting to...
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    Concerned about a new AMD ryzen pc I just bought today! Will BI work??

    OEM lock-in can be a problem with OEM systems like Dell, motherboards and power supplies can definitely be custom and not off-the-shelf replaceable. I think the general consensus is once an old BI OEM system dies, you can just buy another used OEM system that's a few generations newer. Since...
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    New Fiber Run

    I guess since I don't do this for a living I will defer to someone with practical experience running copper wire underground. I just feel like fewer metal conductors would reduce the risks of lightning getting carried to both structures. I guess some direct burial fiber cables would have both...
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    Refurb tower with space for a 4-bay drive cage?

    I know this is not precisely what you asked for, but I build computer towers on a regular basis, and recently built one using: Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX case, and I was SHOCKED how wide-open that case is and it has room for 3 HDD and at least 2 more SSD drives. I know you probably...
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    New Fiber Run

    I feel like if these are rentals the individual cabin privacy will probably be appreciated and heavy trimming to accommodate wireless link is probably not as good an option as fiber cable run. Agree with @sebastiantombs and your original assessment about LoS viability.
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    New Fiber Run

    No worries, sounds like you have considered other options. Make sure you have evaluated P2P wireless (dedicated link stuff) I wasn't talking about traditional wireless "WiFi" service, but the wireless alternative to dedicated wired/fiber link. I personally love fiber as an option for lots of...
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    New Fiber Run

    Is the commitment to fiber a personal or environmental choice? I ask because depending on the bandwidth requirements you might also be able to just create a point to point wireless link if line-of-sight is clear. Nothing wrong with running fiber 150 feet, but trenching, burying, buying direct...
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    VPN and multiple cameras at multiple sites

    Yeah I'd do it this way as well. Each REMOTE location would be setup as a VPN SERVER, probably using a DDNS registration in case the endpoint IP address ever changes. Create the OpenVPN client config files for each server and load those as OpenVPN client configurations. Make sure each remote...