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    I guess he figured I don't Need any help with the Cameras

    Same thing happened here, neither my "No Soliciting" sign, nor the Dahua IPC-PFW8802-A180 (massive panoramic) hanging off the garage stopped him from trying to pitch me to "sign up just to hear a little about their products". I just kept telling him different things to make my point: "As you...
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    When an overview camera is just not enough (if they had been IPCAMTALK member I guess they would have probably had LPR)

    Moment of RPG shooting on Ministry of State Security in Tiraspol, Transnistria However, if EVER there was an argument for high MP camera to catch something going down in broad daylight, this might be it.
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    Some good PTZ footage today from Ukraine

    Yeah a lot of the footage is poor quality TikTok/Phone or even worse security system footage like we are accustomed to seeing here already. But this one was really surprising to me, who knows maybe an @EMPIRETECANDY customer hehe.
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    Some good PTZ footage today from Ukraine

    Pretty decent zoom on this guy. Nothing this exciting ever happens on my cameras.
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    Starlink satellite internet

    As someone that works remotely, its really nice to have 60/30 OVER VPN when connected to work. We are 100% streaming (nothing over the air), so it's nice to know different TV's in the house can have 4-5 streams from different services going "no problem". Running a persistent site-to-site VPN...
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    Starlink satellite internet

    It could also be something special they negotiated. I know in our small town we negotiated with a fiber provider to get a discounted rate, basically by just being honest about the church being empty (except for the pastor) 5+ days a week, and on Sunday's there might be slightly more usage due...
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    Not eligible for Winn 11 Upgrade?!

    Also you might be able to get Windows 11 supported either by using the published workaround or if your motherboard offers TPM2.0 support (which you probably would have to enable). There was quite a bit of tech pushback around the Windows 11 "requirements" as being some type of forced hardware...
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    So's....gots my 3D printer all setup and printing. But...need camera!

    Have an old smartphone laying around? With an app one of those can provide direct IP video over WiFi. Overkill but just an idea. Also will you be printing tough materials like ABS that require heated enclosure temperatures? If so might want to consider the recommended temperature range of...
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    'Overview' camera recommendation needed - wide angle + Color night vision

    For what it's worth even though it's not precisely what you asked about, I am pretty happy with my: DH-IPC-PFW8802-A180. Not certain if there is a current equivalent. It's 4x2MP instead of 4K (or 4MP), and it has tripwire. IDK if that translates into better ppf at the distance you'd be...
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    Blue Iris PC Build

    I should have been more clear, I put a standoff in the steel raised standoff that was causing the problem and "tapped it down" with a hammer so there was no more interference. I can't remember if I removed the standoff in the end, I believe I left it because the standoff did NOT interfere with...
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    Blue Iris PC Build

    OMG when I recently built my wife's new computer I had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM with her V21 case and her Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO-P. I ended up putting a standoff in that raised board mount (it's just punched and raised up) and tapping it down out of the way but I would have been so upset if it...
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    Banding from LED motion light

    The banding is a result of the cheap way power supplies are implemented in most LED lights, the cheaper they are the worse they are. You will have to set the shutter slower than the frequency of your power (60Hz in NA, 50Hz some other places). Another alternative you can just get a...
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    Camera for end of 1000' driveway ? WiFi? Ethernet? Other?

    You could also drop in direct burial fiber cable (something with 4+ fibers pre-terminated), combined with a POE switch at the far end and a media converter (fiber to ethernet), but covering that distance the cost is definitely going to be higher than a couple RF links, probably about $1000 ...
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    Strange icon on Dahua IP camera server page

    To the OP the problem is you are experiencing voltage drop on your 12V PASSIVE POE injector setup. Sure you have 12V@2A, but 100 feet from where you need it and with some of the thinnest conductors (CAT5) used in wiring. I'm sure you are dropping volts, and the higher the current requirement...
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    My experience with a Ryzen 5600g APU

    To be honest I’m happy to hear it wasn’t a disaster out choice, but I think as the number of cameras grow (and you don’t have the benefit of hardware acceleration), you may hit limits of that CPU eventually. It would be nice to have the system wattage draw for a reference point, and have this...