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    advice with switches- managed- and going to VLANs

    Just kind of estimating based on a POE switch I bought recently for cheap. I assumed the "POE power" watts are included in the "switch power" watts on the Cisco sheet provided by @Brendon06 or it gets substantially worse. Also I don't know if these switches are comparable in other ways...
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    Dual NIC setup on your Blue Iris Machine

    You can use a USB ethernet adapter, I use one between Blue Iris and the primary network because it just has Blue Iris UI3 traffic, and I use the built-in for the more intense camera-only network, but know that neither interface really needs a gigabit network imho. However, according to a link I...
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    Thrilled with my custom Dahua Setup!

    Yeah, my wife thinks I'm crazy also.
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    IP Camera, ceiling moutned, for people counting

    Oh sorry about that, no budget specified so I took a stab at it. Maybe you could look at a couple of the AI threads on these forums and try out AI + Blue Iris + Super Cheap IP camera ? Maybe you have a computer already for home automation? that could run some AI/ML person detection? I'm...
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    IP Camera, ceiling moutned, for people counting

    Not sure if it's exactly what you are after (or what your budget is), but I saw in Dahua catalog one specifically made for people counting, not sure if it might change with their new catalog so check with @EMPIRETECANDY . I haven't seen a review of the model IPC-HDW8341X-3D around here. I'm...
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    Choosing hardware setup for BI on Threadripper 2950X system with nVidia

    I'm always too verbose, here's my points summarized. Don't record to the NVME, you will kill it dead and fast. Get some spinning drives and round-robin the cameras to spread the workload. (oop, @SouthernYankee beat me dangit) You likely don't need a new GPU, and any consumer GPU will likely...
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    Car versus Pickup Truck

    I always worry I'll accidentally damage the neighbors BMW when I'm out snow-blowing or snow-brushing the sidewalks. Gives me anxiety because he parks right in front of my house where I must legally clean the sidewalk.
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    Car versus Pickup Truck

    I'm not trying to blame anyone, and I'm not a lawyer or traffic cop either. I agree 100% it appears the parked driver failed to check properly before pulling out. I'm just saying, hypothetically, if the driver of the truck was speeding (50 in a 30) and possibly even distracted driving (staring...
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    Car versus Pickup Truck

    Actually, I bet they could get a reasonable estimate of the speed. Given two fixed points in that picture that could be measured, and the number of partial seconds (if it's 10-20 FPS you get decent resolution of (0.1 to .05s) it took the truck to travel between them, you could get a reasonable...
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    Issues with Fedex Shipping and Customs?

    For what it's worth, I've picked up a DT122-BE mini PC ($90) and you can also get HP 730 mini PCs pretty cheap to run pfSense you really don't need a full blown Intel i5. For anyone other than a BUSINESS you just (ideally) need 2 ethernet ports (or more) and something that can run 24x7 with...
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    Attempted trailer theft across the street from me

    Hope the authorities get them! I never have this much good video of criminal elements in my area, hopefully the local construction company is identified, reimburses your neighbor and sends these guys to the unemployment line. Since it was only attempted theft I guess it is probably a...
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    Deciding on a "workstation"

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly this, a small SSD for Windows OS boot drive won't cost you much and keep you from going ghetto trying to make 3 hard drives fit as well. I just picked up name brand 250GB for $35 on Amazon because I wanted a really small one for testing a used DT122-BE mini-pc I bought cheap.
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    Hello to all, brand new guy stopping by to say thank you ipcamtalk

    Please share your idle and under-load power draw for that Ryzen system as your system develops. You will find Intel systems much more common here, because of built-in graphics and BlueIris’ built-in Intel acceleration support. However, as one of the relatively limited number of people already...
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    2 Thieves in 6 months: IP Cam Recommendations

    Definitely some prickly bushes, possibly on the outside to deter and on the inside for them to land in might be a nice deterrent.
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    Common issues with camera image

    I figured it was something I was doing wrong, even reported the issue to @EMPIRETECANDY but he guessed maybe a firmware issue with my camera. Glad someone mentioned this, will test that out on my 5442! Thanks to @Dave Lonsdale & @sebastiantombs will give CBR a try on that particular camera. I...