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    Test video from my IPC-T5442T-ZE ... The IPC-B5442E-Z4E might work for you.
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    outdoor wall mount for a IP8M-T2599EW ?

    The Dahua PFB204W has four screw holes at 68.5mm. Maybe that's close enough.
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    Change static IP

    If you are desperate, try the arp command (search google for how to use arp for change IP address). I haven't done it since the 1990's, so don't ask me for details. Your cameras may have the ability disabled. I would buy new cameras.
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    Can a patch panel be used.

    A bad port is a remote possibility. Try repunching the six that are giving problems. Are you using a punch-down tool and solid cable?
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    A Sign of the Times

    I had to sign for my new B5442E-Z4E this week from DHL. Seems like they'd skip that requirement now. I did wash my hands before unpacking the goodies, then washed them again after throwing the wrapping away.
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    Single ridge home corners installing ptz domes without screws!

    It would help if you could post pictures of your house that show the corners, cable connection points, roof line, etc.
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    Review of the Hikvision OEM model IPC-T2347G-LU 'ColorVu' IP CCTV camera.

    The Hikvision Colorvu product launch literature says the U models include a microphone.
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    Dahua IPC-HDW2231R-ZS dead? from just from connecting and disconnecting during placement

    Mine takes a long time to respond whenever I connect it. I started moving it around this month to test in various locations, and every time I plug it in, it takes a long time to respond. I got used to it and find something else to do for awhile. I don't know how long it takes to come to life...
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    What's the name of this piece and where can you buy extras?

    The Dahua docs say the PFA130E has 3/4" pipe threads. You probably want the 3/4" size fitting mentioned in other posts. 3/4" conduit has an outside diameter close to one inch. So, if you measured the hole, you probably came up with 1".
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    How to view Dahua cameras without browser plugins

    On my Windows 10 notebook, I have to set the display scaling to 100%. If set to 125% (recommended by my display) some of my Dahua screens overlay like your example.
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    lost screw for dahua mount

    My HDW2231R-ZS has a 5mm x 8mm set screw. Found a pack of two at Home Depot.
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    Mini 0806 questions

    I use the CPL filter with my Mini 0806. It almost eliminates glare. I think it's worth it. I don't connect the camera to my computer, nor am I interested in parking mode, so I can't address those issues.