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    What is this triggering my camera alert?

    Use deepstack AI with Blue iris to eliminate these false alerts. You can also use the cameras built in AI to trigger BI.
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    what's the best way to get a 2nd BI machine going?

    This is silly. Its always best to start clean. Email the developer, he used to sell the second license for half off. Upgrading your old BI4 installation is only 30 bux anyway and well worth the cost.
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    They needed another doorbell!

    what's the story behind this insanity?
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    This "chip" shortage is frustrating

    Computers and cars are easily repairable, however, the cost of repair is not economical after a certain point. That is not the fault of the manufacture. In 1998 an average pc cost 3000. Today you can buy a pc for 199-250. The reason folks kept them longer was because they were much more...
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    This "chip" shortage is frustrating

    Some of this is due to opportunists who buy up all the stock only to resell via ebay/amazon
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    5.5.1 - September 23, 2021

    The DeepStack AI feature to detect/ignore static objects has been improved by implementing some hysteresis—it now takes time (up to 2 minutes) to consider an object “gone” from the scene. This prevents false alerts caused by static objects that only temporarily disappear from detection. Also...
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    Pelco Sarix camera's

    A bad crimp can never cause an issue like this, the signal is sent in bits of data. This appears to be a partially stick ir filter. There are many threads discussing solutions.
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    One camera blurry on BI 5.1 (server), but clear as a bell on remote apps - how does this happen?

    @syzygy Most likely you accidentally digitally zoomed in the camera using the mouse scroll wheel. This would not change the image on the remote viewing interfaces.
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    What the F***, Crazy Driver Crashes into My Brick Fence

    Too bad the homeless guy was not camping on your lawn.
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    5.5.0 - September 13, 2021

    Groups are now created and deleted explicitly. Previously, the only way to delete a group was to remove each camera individually. In addition, the role of a group has also been expanded to include layout. A group’s layout now consists of a set of cameras in a particular order. Each camera may...
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    Pre-trigger settings doesn't seem to work reliably for me, Causes?

    What is your iframe interval set to?
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    HDD Data Cable for HP Elitedesk 800 SFF G4

    Just use a standard sata connector. Basically replace the cable. There are also two m.2 SSD slots which is the best option.
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    Field of view and aspect ratio with new colorvu cameras

    The 2335 had a 4:3 aspect ratio, the new cam has a 16:9
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    Specify a maximum trigger time []. Playback offsets for new alerts [] will begin at the motion-leading position rather than the beginning of the entire pre-trigger buffer. Hold Control as you double-click to open an alert in order to position directly and then pause at the...
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    Liability Waiver

    What liability are you seeking to waive?