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    Hacking a wifi home cam

    Comments on the fake reviews is another method as well.
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    Hacking a wifi home cam

    Don’t make it about the seller. Make it about the manufacturer. Comments on YouTube videos and their Facebook page is another way to hit them.
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    Hacking a wifi home cam

    The seller is the same as the manufacturer and the product. This is not the case of a seller Who is distinct from the manufacture. Screw Amazon’s policy. The seller violated this forums policy. They need to suffer the consequences. They need to learn that fraud doesn’t pay. You can leave a...
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    Question about my Blue Iris Single License

    Deactivate your current license before you restore.
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    Suggestions for a monitor?

    The image will break up just the same on a 4K monitor. That’s an image quality issue not a monitor issue.
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    Suggestions for a monitor?

    4k display will not really help as you dont need a 4k display to view 4k cameras - the benefit of these cams is the detail when you zoom in. With a 32" display it makes less sense. If this will be an always on display, look for a unit with the lowest power consumption.
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    5.3.6 - December 1, 2020

    5.3.6 - December 1, 2020 The JSON alertlist command with optional parameter v=2 now reads only the index.dat file which greatly improves the performance for pulling the alerts list from the client phone apps when there are hundreds or thousands of alerts. Individual alert item detail is now...
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    Zones and triggers not working consistently

    change the algorithm to simple
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    Im confused

    Are you intoxicated or high?
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    TinyCam and Nvidia Shield - background and live view at the same time, BIG problem

    I can’t believe you thought you are buying an nvr for 4 dollars. I hope you can survive this financial blow.
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    TinyCam and Nvidia Shield - background and live view at the same time, BIG problem

    The application is popular for viewing cameras. You want a 2-4 dollar app on weak hardware to function as a full nvr?
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    Blue Iris - 'Slow motion' playback and cameras going offline

    disable any smart or + codecs. If you are logging in via windows RDP you need to set blue iris to unrestricted - the default is a video refresh every 5 seconds.
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    Outdoor PoE Terminations and Corrosion

    The electrical tape is not providing the seal. Its the silicon/coax tape.
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    Camera software developer.

    Im certain a solution exists. You dont have more specific needs than every enterprise out there that uses them.
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    Camera software developer.

    If you mean you want to modify the firmware it will cost you way more than finding a solution that already exists.